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Funny Pitt Pictures

Brad PittFunny Brad Pitt
Member reactions:

Fantastic job and congrats on the bronze.
Congratulations. Very cool concept & execution.
Evirio nice style congrats on the bronze.

Brad `catTtaker` PittFunny Brad `catTtaker` Pitt
Member reactions:

Brad is trying to take the new avatar as a cat man but looks funny

Member reactions:
oops wrong contest oh well here's the story article
the sh*...t and the logo representing it is too funny
What is the word that is missing) Keep Busy your mind

Brad Pitt as JenniferFunny Brad Pitt as Jennifer
Member reactions:

Too much alike to last
Good light effects and nice merge. looks like watercolor does more effect here
Great background used and nice facial expression so clean and perfectly blended face
composition, light and colours beautifuls

The Rock, Brad Pitt &Taye Diggs Bud GirlsFunny The Rock, Brad Pitt &Taye Diggs Bud Girls
Member reactions:

the girls looks so pretty, nice facial makeover matching with the body color
Thanks, eric,AzureSky,rajesstar and RICKYTREK1...
Thanks,krrish. is kind of a sexy look,no wonder why all the ladies Love him.
Should read "sexy look", but it wouldn't let me edit it.....
I suddenly feel like playing goldeneye 64.

Brad Pitt on the African QueenFunny Brad Pitt on the African Queen
Member reactions:

Brad Pitt lost in an african swamp
Neat and Clean job done Nice Expression

Brad Pitt in MoneyballFunny Brad Pitt in Moneyball
Member reactions:

Haaaaaaaaa....... for Batt pitt. -Edited by Moderator on 2/24/2012 12:36:17 PM
Love to see the caricatured face and a ball inside it, its too hilarious to watch apparently nice facial expression of the other person
The other person is Angelina Jolie's face on Johna Hill.

Brad Pitt CaricatureFunny Brad Pitt Caricature
Member reactions:

In his role as "Mayor of the Munchkin City" nice work.

Brad Pitt CaricatureFunny Brad Pitt Caricature
Member reactions:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have reportedly rented out a 16th century Scottish estate for their family while filming in Scotland. Source
Simple....... it's to much distortion and you lost the resemblance to Brad. If it weren't for the title I wouldn't know who it was. That's not the purpose of a caricature. rwpike is a pro and you always know who his subject is without looking at the title. He knows what to and what not to do.
Just your opinion i guess . I really do'nt have time or the energy to compare Pikester's caricatures with mine when there are thousands of caricature artists out there. Anyones is different Deaddog. I will put up the source of the original .
Looks like a Bunny...Brunny Pitt and I like it,
At first I thought it was Hugh Jackman...all in all, good work.
"My personal advice" on the form and excellent, the front of each alteration in the face, and can make it to taste right, it importtante and preserve eyes, very close to the real ones, so doing, You will get a resemblance to Brad. ..... Apart from that everything else is fine, of course, is my personal opinion. "I am an amateur"
very well done. Just don't bother, If it is your first attempt. you are 98% succeed, just practice and you will be success in one day
I agree with deaddog . . . great execution, but once you lose the likeness to the face, it becomes a non-caricature, and more of an attempt at one . . . (unfortunately, I'm speaking from my own personal experience)

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in a ParkFunny Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in a Park
Member reactions:

Beautiful source you have chosen, looks lovely.
wot. with a menagerie of kids around. Well done.
"Best of the PS litter goes to HIDDEN." Very nice.
Excellent concept nice selection of the object
Superb work. Angelina's face may need to be brightened a tad
Awwww Newsy , you always have alittle good advise for me . Thank you & also everyone else ...
Nice job . . . I agree with NewsMaster, her face needs to be lightened with some highlights added as well . . . and it seems odd not to mention the missing apostrophe in the title.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt BabyFunny Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Baby - People are already saying that this will be a beautiful baby, but you never really know. So it's time for you to play matchmaker and geneticist. Photoshop what the Jolie-Pitt baby will look like or what the baby of other celebrity couplings might look like.

Brad Pitt & Jennifer AnistonFunny Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston - What caused Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston split and what will they do without each other? Create images of what you think this couple will be doing now that they are apart or images of what you think may have caused this big breakup!

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