Baseball Pitcher Throws His Arm Off
Baseball Pitcher Throws His Arm Off
Baseball Pitcher Throws His Arm Off. Major League Baseball is wondering why pitcher's elbows keep tearing
Member reactions:
Freaking crazy.. he must got some supernatural power though
The blood splashes and the dynamism is really impressive here.
2 cup... Funny extrapolation, Doc. Them ole tendons just ain't wut they used to be, ain't wut thay used to be, ain't wut they used to be

Funny Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher with a Peg Leg

Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher with a Peg Leg
Member reactions:
Like the idea of putting a Pirate Hat and Covering the Eye
Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, eric. Thanks, Newsy.
Congrats on the Silver. Looks like a curve ball (ha).
Congratulations winning the Silver, Paul.
Thanks,'s a Knuckler. Thanks, Andrew. Thanks, Unclechamp. Thanks, G-Man.

Funny Tibetan Yogi Baseball Pitcher

Tibetan Yogi Baseball Pitcher
My tribute to opening day of "The Great Game."

Funny Scottish Baseball Pitcher

Scottish Baseball Pitcher
baseball pitcher
Member reactions:
Well chopped good to see him in this play

Funny Maria the Baseball Pitcher

Maria the Baseball Pitcher
Member reactions:
Great idea, but the trouble is, he's throwing from foul territory by third base and not the pitcher's mound.
I don't know baseball rules but in the original picture the player is in the same area nearly 1 mt on the left of Mario
This is the relation of the pitcher to the batter, hidden:
Where ever he is or isn't s'posed to be I reckon this is a beaudy idea. My kid is gonna lv it, couple of her most fave things here Baseball & Mario
This is an odd spot to pitch from... but I suppose if I were playing Nintendo and moved Mario all the way to third base and pitched... it would work... cool chop... great work on the shadow.
Overall, it is excellent job all the best

Funny George Bush the Pitcher

George Bush the Pitcher

Funny Woman with a Pitcher Head Taking a Photo

Woman with a Pitcher Head Taking a Photo
It is my first entry. I am very excited. Please comment.
Member reactions:
nice first entry. Very surreal... The masking and blending are good. I'm not sure about that double-eyebrown, but if it's a mistake, you could still correct it, and edit your entry, you know.
Good first I rated it above average, for idea and blending.
Thanks Ricardito, and hohouse. The double-eyebrowns are not mistake it adds a more interesting look to the face, I think.

Funny Toy Soldiers Around a Pitcher

Toy Soldiers Around a Pitcher
Those were the good old times... Just playing with your toys. My mother would scream at me when I left my soldiers laying around...

Funny Matrioska Pitcher

Matrioska Pitcher

Funny Flaming Pitcher Head

Flaming Pitcher Head
Member reactions:
Congratulations on the silver, funkwood - excellent flaming technique here.

Funny Pitcher

Photoshop this pitcher image any way you wish. Examples may include adding elements to the pitcher image, using the central figure (or parts of it) in some other environment. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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