Pitbull or Hockey Mom
Pitbull or Hockey Mom
Pitbull or Hockey Mom. Palin Speech
Member reactions:
I think its the pitbull/hockey mom with lipstick speech.

Funny Sarah Palin, Pitbull With Lipstick

Sarah Palin, Pitbull With Lipstick
The shade is "Moose Blood."
Member reactions:
HA HA HA HA. Careful, the Republicans might just adopt this as a campaign poster. Well Done.
Well done, this one mey come back to haunt her in the future.
Maybe there will be a muzzle in November. Outstanding work.
She could easily star in vampire movies without makeup
Ray got his first woody. Congratulations, buddy.
Congratulations. What a beautiful nightmare...

Funny Pitbull Mouth Eyes

Pitbull Mouth Eyes

Funny Dennis Rodman and his Pitbull

Dennis Rodman and his Pitbull

Funny Fugitive Pitbull

Fugitive Pitbull
Supervisors pass pit bull sterilization ordinance
Member reactions:
He is hiding himself from the dog squad... Poor creature
Dog looks great in full view. Trying to avoid detection and save family jewels
I appreciate the encouragement. This one was fun to do, even if it didn't make the cut.

Funny Mutant Pitbull

Mutant Pitbull

Funny Mountain Pitbull

Mountain Pitbull
What happens when people release their pitbulls into the wilderness instead of taking then to the pound. These agressive animals are sure to cross breed with anything.

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