Pi Pistol
Pi Pistol
Pi Pistol.

Funny Tony Montana Shooting a Water Pistol

Tony Montana Shooting a Water Pistol
Look Out. He's got a... toy. Man with fake gun disrupts Dutch broadcaster NOS
Member reactions:
Just clipped it from the alternate ending.

Funny Ak-47 Pistol Machine Gun

Ak-47 Pistol Machine Gun
Member reactions:
I want one, but you be the quinea pig and shoot it for the first time Nice job

Funny Vladiir Putin on a Motorbike with a Pistol

Vladiir Putin on a Motorbike with a Pistol
Full Size
Member reactions:
Congratulations on the gold. . . . excellent work
Beautiful image. Love the posterization technique. Did you use Topaz filters. Congrats on the Gold Cup. (But you should learn how to vote properly).
Thanks To All Of You... LunaC, Thanks, I Dont Use Topaz, But Its Very Good, i use it sometimes... LunaC, what is my problem in votation....everybody say me the same :S
About voting: I noticed in the "VOTE HISTORY" (which you can view via the link under the contest description for each completed contest) that you voted 4 ones, 12 twos, and 5 threes and your average vote was in the mid-threes. The "Karma" system on this site rewards people for voting fairly and penalizes people for votes that vary too widely from the average. The objective is to keep people from voting "strategically" to ensure that their entry does better than the others. People who vote fairly (ie., close to the average)are rewarded with a "VOTE STAR" and higher "Karma"--which means your vote counts for more next time you vote. Your Karma remains at 1---which gives your vote minimal impact. It will rise quickly each time you vote fairly.A person with Karma of 200 has two hundred times the voting impact as someone with Karma of 1. It's not a perfect system--because it penalizes votes at the extremes---especially the low end---and it tends to make you vote according to how you think OTHERS will vote, rather than on your own opinion. But it does keep people from "stacking the deck" either for or against a certain entry. Regarding your Putin entry---I'd still like to know what filter(s)or tools you used to achieve the painting effect you got. Would you be willing to share that.
Thanks Newsmaster... LunaC.. I understand ,I am very "strict" in the votes, but i will be more "fairly"..ok. About Tools, U can Use 3 layers with imagenomic portraiture, perfectum, artistic photoshop filters, and some blur and focus in some parts...and....secrets haha

Funny Banana Glock Pistol

Banana Glock Pistol
Member reactions:
Nice work . . . that's one way to get your potassium

Funny Hot Pepper Pistol

Hot Pepper Pistol
Member reactions:
Finally the favorite gun of Nikola Tesla was found. Splendid work.
HA. The HITS just keep coming-really nice work.
that's amazing teacher ,great blend and idea , congrats on the silver
Fantastic, FW. Great imagination. Congrats.
I loved this at firest sight. That's a real Rube Goldberg whatchacallit
This is first Rate. Nice Chop............

Funny Ak47 Pistol Machine

Ak47 Pistol Machine
Member reactions:
Nice work. Now do it with a Hello Kitty theme.

Funny Trumpet Pistol

Trumpet Pistol
Member reactions:
Very nice proportions - nicely balanced. And who doesn't love a rubberized grip..
It's a beauty - musical harmony that kills
This one was my favorite Mandrak. Sorry I missed the vote. I might have put you over the top.
Silver gun and trumpet for Mandrak - congratulations.

Funny Snake Pistol

Snake Pistol
Member reactions:
With 20 automatic bites per second. Quality work.

Funny Woman Using a Colt Pistol as a Hammer

Woman Using a Colt Pistol as a Hammer
Member reactions:
One way to teach blondes use guns. Quality work.
i hope isn't loaded, take care with the foots

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