This is the smoke from the pipe.
This is the smoke from the pipe.
This is the smoke from the pipe.. Member reactions:
Very original, this is a good pipe without harmful smoke
Lol, Splats. I like it too. Never seen no sheep smoke from no pipe before
Congrats on the bronze OTake Great idea & nicely done.
Congrats taking the Bronze, OTake. Great job with nicley smoked sheep.
Imaginative Idea. Congrats on the Bronze, Otake.
Many thanks to all. I wish you all creative inspiration and good mood always

Funny Don't worry, it's not a pipe !

Don't worry, it's not a pipe !
Member reactions:
Brilliant by my standards. If you would have given it a slight canvas texture it would have ranked a full 10.

Funny No Peace Pipe 4 You

No Peace Pipe 4 You

Funny Cheech Marin's Saxaphone Pot Pipe

Cheech Marin's Saxaphone Pot Pipe
Member reactions:
Thumbs up. Kewl Psychedelic working, Debbie.
Cool. Looks almost like LA graffiti wall art. I have seen this sort of style before.
Thanks Crafty,lucianomorelli,SplatShot and Hitspinnner
Thanks Crafty,lucianomorelli,splat,Hit,Ho and Newsmaster

Funny Republican Keystone Pipe Dream

Republican Keystone Pipe Dream
So Republicans voted several times for Keystone pipeline. Looks like Pipe dream to me. This fellow on the left side is Stephen Harper, Canadian prime minister. Canada and Koch brothers are to be the biggest winners of this pipeline. Feel free to disagree with me. Obama’s newly harsh tone on Keystone XL seen signaling rejection of pipeline project
Member reactions:
Fantastic political satire. Great work hidden.
Political complications with selfish genius; rules the natural treasure.. Its so awkward minds out there around the world. Bad politics makes suffer to the common man.
Very nice job from top to bottom, for sure.

Funny Barack Obama Smoking a Pipe

Barack Obama Smoking a Pipe

Funny Yeti Snowbaording a Half Pipe

Yeti Snowbaording a Half Pipe
Member reactions:
He say goodbye everyone with smiling face

Funny Magritte Orange Pipe

Magritte Orange Pipe
Member reactions:
After Tea time its Pipe time very creative

Funny Sea Captain Robert DeNiro Smoking a Pipe

Sea Captain Robert DeNiro Smoking a Pipe
Member reactions:
Well done in putting the bubbles instead of Smoke... Environment friendly pipe
Clean and neat Nice bubbles from the pipe
His eye is bubbled pipe and freaky mermaid very cool
I consider this one of my all time best so am a bit curious as to why it did not do better. Thanks for the votes and input.
Nice work … he looks like a cross between Tom Hanks and Basil Rathbone

Funny Bag Pipe Ricke Launcher

Bag Pipe Ricke Launcher
The Marching Bagpipe and Militia Band. He really ends his show with a bang.
Member reactions:
Bag-Pipe-Missile I guess this is called 'One Man Army'
Very clever.... funny to see him doing his dual duty on the floor nice merge of the Guns with musical instruments
Gawd, don't give the IRA any ideas hahahahahaah

Funny Smoking Pipes

Smoking Pipes
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this photo of the smoking pipes (image credit: Bwrahbwrah Jonguh) any way you wish. Some examples are - re-design and re-shape any of these pipes, merge them with some other objects, pack and light them, use this smoking pipes image in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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