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Funny Pinocchio Pictures

Pinocchio RoidriguezFunny Pinocchio Roidriguez
Member reactions:
BEST VIEW Commentary: A-Rod has never stopped lying The facts donít lie; A-Rodís delusional Alex Rodriguez can't stop lying SOURCE IMAGES
Brilliant chop.. The bat nose id priceless
Is this brilliant or what. The nose bat and the hole in the wall (with a cricket) are nice additions to already an outstanding caricature composition.
Thank you Disasterman111, Hitspinner, balodiya, ericnorthend, and Newsmaster.
Excellent work... like the the truth syringes to him and his ears are really crazy good chop...
Congrats on the gold, Bill. How very awesome to see you again.
Thank you very much everyone. It sure was fun to chop again.

Pakistan PinocchioFunny Pakistan Pinocchio
Member reactions:

Pakistan Can't Be Trusted
Really Freaking Funny. Lol Sadly hit the nail on the head. Well Done.
Quality satire. Nice Americanization of the cricket

Pinocchio Pelosi with ObamaFunny Pinocchio Pelosi with Obama
Member reactions:
Did you all know Pinocchio had a sister named Pelosio. Please view full

Nancy Pelosio PinocchioFunny Nancy Pelosio Pinocchio
Member reactions:

Pelosi Accuses CIA of 'Misleading' Congress on Waterboarding View Sources
AAA top notch and professional job. Even looks like this came right out of Disney/Pixar studios. Great stuff and damn funny too.
It's a new freaking FN style. Political cartoons. and what a style it is - I'm in love with it.
It's KIR and he rules this fairy tale ball. Congratulations, buddy.
Thanks all for the kind comments and the votes. I learned a few things last week on the FN forums about screening layers and had to try it out. Special thanks to AZRainman for his input on the forums that help us all hone our chopping skills. Chop On.
This was Amazing work my friend I really like it so much Congrats for the winner
Superb. And thanks for posting the sources, amazing to see what you did with them.

Pinocchio GirlFunny Pinocchio Girl
Member reactions:

When the question was asked "Pinocchio are you a girl". he answered yes and his nose grew.

PinocchioFunny Pinocchio
Member reactions:

Not sure why do you need two red FN stripes though
Hmmmm wonder where Jepeto is, how long will his nose be at the end of four years.
If one of those new jobs involves sitting on my sofa, eating pizza, playing on FN - I want IN.

Pinocchio GirlFunny Pinocchio Girl
Member reactions:

original pinocchio
well done on creating new character of pinocchio.
Congrats, Lyina. This one had been a favorite of mine.
Kudos Lyina, your on a roll and I like your images that exemplify the uncommon

pinocchio newsFunny pinocchio news
Member reactions:

A suitable replacement has been found
Wood-he really make a good anchor. I think he would just float. Great job.

Pinocchio Jackson in CourtFunny Pinocchio Jackson in Court
Member reactions:

Whatever you say, Michael.
sorta weak joke. The effect wasn't all that well done, though better then i've seen some people do.
"I told you, its because I had an appointment with my surgeon."

Obama PinocchioFunny Obama Pinocchio
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