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Pum Pin
Pum Pin.

Funny My Pin's Bigger than Yours

My Pin's Bigger than Yours

Funny Barack Obama the Pot Smoking Pin Head

Barack Obama the Pot Smoking Pin Head
Member reactions:

Funny The Cow Girl Pin Ups

The Cow Girl Pin Ups
Member reactions:
I really like the pin up girls created by Gil Elvgren. I am curious if this is against FN rules of using someone works of art.
Used people's work of art before , no problem.
I hope this can be made possible with me... I have some pics of her and love to see her live in my drawing room
Wonderful out-of-bounds artwork, Hidden. I'd make the chicken lighter a bit.
Congrats on the Wood hobbit nice work there were a lot of great pinup artist from that era and Elvgren is right at the top of the list in my book.
Beauty indeed and I mean the chop Congrats on the wood, Hobbit, no small feat in this one.
Beautifully done. Great combination of cowgirls.

Funny Pin Up Calendar Girl on a Vintage Car

Pin Up Calendar Girl on a Vintage Car
Betty Page she is not
Member reactions:
She has Betty's hair... So if she's not Betty Page, then who is she and where did you dig her up. She's real purdy. Do you have her number. Great choice of backgrounds.
Magnificent merge of many sources in a natural harmony. The vivid juicy colors here are literally adding the glow to the composition. Congrats on the silver, Hitz.
Congrats on silver, pretty good job even if I don't like her face
Congratulations. This one had to be Hitspinner's, I said to myself.
Congrats on the Silver. And like Gummy said..."Yikes."
Congratulations Hitz. Close race coulda went either way. One Dang Beauty of a Chop my friend.
Even I say Yikes. Was sort of the whole point of the chop. Thank you Bob, Gummy, Pat, Hobbit, Evirio, Newsey, Balodiya, SS, Sulli, eric, and Luciano and anyone else I forgot
Silver Congrats, Hitspinner beautifully done she don't look half bad after a couple shots of Tequila I do wish I could see your sources just to know what elements were created and which ones were stock still, it's a great looking chop.
Most of the sources were dumped. There are only 12 or so sources anyway. The bulk of the chop was all the hand painting that you don't see if you never did it yeah, there was a ton of hand painting. The face was based on some Hollywood actress and a terrible facelift. I made her quite a bit worse. Thanks for the comment

Funny Endangered Bowling Pin Pinguins

Endangered Bowling Pin Pinguins
Absent contact with man and having no known predators, Bowling Pinguins lack fear much like the now extinct Dodo. They are now are in sharp decline at the hands of Wilderness Bowling enthusiasts.
Member reactions:
Clever and clean work. Integrated so well, it's almost subtle at the first look.

Funny Spiteful God Pushing Pin into Hot Air Balloon

Spiteful God Pushing Pin into Hot Air Balloon
Member reactions:
You reminded an old game "Balloon fighter"

Funny Sureeal Bowling Pin with a Hand

Sureeal Bowling Pin with a Hand
Member reactions:
Amazing work on the Source.. The Giant hand with great details looks awesome The great nails and the Kitten sleeping without any disturbance... so lovely done
Brilliant work, each pixel of this amazing entry is Awesome.. Sea and earth upside down with the Hand having Bowling tower... Very rare and extraordinary work Love it
Creative Concept Excellent composition. nicely done
Awesome surrealistic feel to this one. Congrats on the bronze.
Wild flight of imagination and skills in this entry. Congrats on the bronze, Mr. Black.

Funny Bowling Pin in a Dress by the Railway Tracks

Bowling Pin in a Dress by the Railway Tracks
Member reactions:
Well dressed.... Nice shape its a perfect fit using the source

Funny Bowling Pin Death in the Garden

Bowling Pin Death in the Garden

Funny Bowling Pin Costume

Bowling Pin Costume
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this photo of the bowling pin costume (image credit: World to Table) any way you wish. Some examples are - re-design the costume, send this bowling pin to the places it's never been to, use this bowling pin costume image for some advertising campaign, etc. These are just some ideas.

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