Sleeping Airline Pilot
Sleeping Airline Pilot
Sleeping Airline Pilot. And so who's driving the Plane.
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Auto pilot system has changed the lives of the pilot
Lol Mundo.. I thought this was yours. You have great ideas.

Funny Jim Carrey the Fighter Pilot

Jim Carrey the Fighter Pilot
Based on WW2 original poster with new details taken from many different pictures, including Jim's signature
Member reactions:
Love this chop specially the smoke and the planes attacking behind very well done
Nice piece of editing. Love the glans in his eyes.. excellent job
Really nice PixJocky, you've really mastered capturing the look of this style of artwork from the golden era.

Funny Pixjockey the Pilot

Pixjockey the Pilot
Member reactions:
Is there anything PJ cannot do. He's everywhere these days. Nice clean job.
What a clean and smooth work, like his smile good work.
Pix Jockey Nice Work, I like the FN logo over the hat, its truly amazing... Great job done
Perfect. Its Phenomenon...........Hurrayyyyyy

Funny Old Helicopter Pilot

Old Helicopter Pilot
Semper Fi Marine
Member reactions:
Fantastic plane and ready for war with missiles.

Funny Old Pilot

Old Pilot
Still Flying High.
Member reactions:
Hye Captain, Concentrate of duty not body.

Funny Old Air Force Pilot

Old Air Force Pilot
Member reactions:
Captain handle with care to some removable stuff of yours.

Funny Godfather TV Pilot

Godfather TV Pilot
Full View news item
Member reactions:
Your link is not working for the "news item."
Sorry for that, I'm not sure why, it's working fine for me .
Wk's fine 4 me also. So does the image too
I tested the link before and after I posted it, and it has worked fine from the start. I'm not sure why it didn't work for you pcrdds. Glad it works for you now
Looks pro especially in full view. Nice FN tag too

Funny George Bush the Pilot

George Bush the Pilot
I don't think this remake of "The Spirit Of St. Louis" is going to be very successful. And, it's not even in 3D.
Member reactions:
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Kellie. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, krrish.
Unmistakable style . . . you can't hide hidden author . . . Woodlike congrats.
Thanks, hiding for me.

Funny Sylvester Stallone Pilot

Sylvester Stallone Pilot
please view full sources i used 17 elements
Member reactions:
Cool as, lotsa u made all those webs ur self, they look gr8
Great job . . . extra kudos on the webwork . . .

Funny Corky the Pilot

Corky the Pilot
To those of you who have never seen the tv show "life goes on" you have to know what its about to get the humor of this picture. (just saying because my wife had to ask who the pilot in the picture was)
Member reactions:
I met him in a record store in Burbank, CA...and he was an incredibly sweet young man. I told him how much I enjoyed his show and he couldn't thank me enough.
offensive to me, as my step son is autistic. Probably would be offensive to Corky too.
how many people find cracks about the president offensive that still see jokes made about him. half the stuff posted can be found offensive by anyone who can relate to it. this picture wasn't meant to be offensive and it offends you than it probably relates to you and for that I will apologize.
thank you beerslayer...I even modified the title of the picture to exclude the word "retard" but i used the title as a response that corky would have given in response to being told he was an idiot for crashing the plane
Funny expression on guy-fits picture. Good luck.
Aside from whether it's offensive or not, . . . where's the shadow left by the plane on the ground . . . The left side of his face is in shadow ,yet he's casting no shadow . . . The second head is insignificant, and should have been removed . . . he's wearing a hat that is casting no shadow . . . I could go on . . . but hopefully someone gets my point . . . Aren't these "Photoshop" Contests . . .

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