The pill
The pill
The pill. Member reactions:
Good one. But would be better if the people were as sharp as the writing.
I like it. Just wish the main characters were of higher resolution

Funny The pill

The pill
Member reactions:
Top 5 congrats, Luciano. I agree with NM, Super clean chop

Funny Pills For Parrots

Pills For Parrots
Member reactions:
Oh...this is disturbing. Another fine Crapco product-eh..
Sildenafil citrate compositions specially made for Birds they will become active and powerful like the chop with the cigarette and the glasses
Congratulations Paul. Great Humor, as always.
Bwhahahaha I didn not mean it deserved a Woody literally hahahhaha. Than is weird. Congrats Doc
You called it, Tim. HA. Thanks. Thanks, G-Man.
They'll speak like... Polly wants a hooker. Congrats on the wood, Paul. Great stuff.
Thanks, UncleChamp. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Newsy. .

Funny Last two pills

Last two pills
Israelís Defense Ministry Requests Viagra
Member reactions:
Yikes. Does Viagra improve your marksmanship/piloting skills.
I think super sonic in below refused to use
After the pills i think the erectile functions well... which can be seen in the pic The one did not use it is the sufferer crazy news story and the chop

Funny South Park in The Pill Movie

South Park in The Pill Movie
Member reactions:
Well done.... both are staring each other funny ...
yeh.. this is the idea behind Array obviously

Funny I won't deny a pill to anyone

I won't deny a pill to anyone
Obama's Healthcare Conquest
Member reactions:
Like the concept of free healthcare and the chop of putting him inside the pills with bandages all over him were amazing
otzie congrats..... really great.... Band-Aid perfect fit

Funny The Pill

The Pill
double joke
Member reactions:
OMG, what a clean work with beautiful concept
yes some relations were hard to sallow money cant buy everything

Funny Dr House Full of Pills

Dr House Full of Pills
House series finale set for May 21 Depressing aint it
Member reactions:
Its a perfect work. great idea to rip off the head and the capsules falling all over
Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the compliments

Funny Real Pacman Eating Pills in City Street

Real Pacman Eating Pills in City Street
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Funny Pills Running Away From Mouth

Pills Running Away From Mouth
U.S. seeing run on iodine pills
Member reactions:
I've read this news too. challenging to depict this article but you did well.

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