Pills n beer
Pills n beer
Pills n beer. Member reactions:
Make it pilsner and you've got a customer.
pilsner and you've got a customer. --> Thank you. Pillsner and Photoshop don't mix. Cheers.
I'm guessing this is Mashby's entry. Nice work, I'll take a dozen.

Funny The Pill

The Pill
Member reactions:
this is the new diet, see no fat, eat no fat
A stitch in time is a hard pill to swallow
Looks like something one of the teens of today would do

Funny Nano Baby Pill

Nano Baby Pill
Your very own nano-engineered baby in a capsule. Make sure you read the instructions though - it might not go where'd you expect.
Member reactions:
Babies without ... . My grandma would LOVE this. .
I wish it was this easy when I had one...gr8 idea. NG,I had my baby without having to have ... . Immaculate conception
Babies without ... ... I certainly wouldn't fund this product development. Love the idea.

Funny Pills from Dr. Dean

Pills from Dr. Dean
Howard Dean in your mailbox daily. The real reason Vermont's Anti Spam Law isn't passed yet. Please View Full
Member reactions:
Dean said, " Gimmy all ya got."Exellent Job.

Funny Pills - United Colors of Benetton

Pills - United Colors of Benetton
Member reactions:
Take the Red Pill. Stay in Wonderland and we'll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
Better copyright this, cause i can see Benetton actually doing this.
i like the apearance, looks like a real ad, but ... not funny.
Somehow, I think they'd actually run this.

Funny Nightmare Pill

Nightmare Pill
I must have forgotten to take my D-cycloserine pill last night. When I woke up after that horrible surgeon-nightmare I found it impossible to take the damn pills.
Member reactions:
Nice work, not sure if nice is the word tho
Where do you get these pills.. I think I need one after seein this guy..
EeeeeeEEEEEeeeeek. Too bad Halloween's over.

Funny Feeling Bad?...take a pill.

Feeling Bad?...take a pill.

Funny Halloween pill

Halloween pill

Funny Gun Plus Pills Equal Death Question

Gun Plus Pills Equal Death Question
Race-hate 'killer' Dylann Roof 'was taking drug that causes sudden violent outbursts'

Funny Noah Bean in The Pill

Noah Bean in The Pill
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