Piggies .

Funny Piggy Back Ride

Piggy Back Ride
Hi Ho Silver
Member reactions:
Masterpiece here. Excellent quality work.
Congrats on the gold LunaC ,this is a great chop

Funny Lunch, Restroom and Military games for fat piggy

Lunch, Restroom and Military games for fat piggy
North Korean Weapons are ready for War.
Member reactions:
I didn't know we could say "fat bassturd". But hey... it works for me. Little Fat Bassturd needs a MOAB suppository.

Funny Miss Piggy and Kermit in a Space Station

Miss Piggy and Kermit in a Space Station
Kermit is all for moi.
Member reactions:
Hilarious idea. Kermit needs some shadows
Man that Kermit sure is a lucky frog. I'd trade places with him in a heartbeat. I've always had a crush on Miss. Piggy
Excellent. The only point IMO is thate both don't look like flying

Funny Miss Piggy in Swan Lake

Miss Piggy in Swan Lake

Funny Hillary Clinton as Miss Piggy with American Flag

Hillary Clinton as Miss Piggy with American Flag
Member reactions:
Very well wrapped... She looks awesome as a piggy ears on her head
Miss Piggy is an American ikon. Hillary is a piece of work./ Nice job, though I must confess to being torn. Lol.
Congratulations Wanderer... Silver... ; )
Great satire, Wanderer. Congtrats on the silver.
Thank you. I did not expect trophy for that contest. Thank you Hillary.
HiLLarious.. Congrats on the silver Wanderer..
Wanderer, Congrats on the silver. The ears are the Best.

Funny Wesley Snipes in Jail with his Piggy Bank

Wesley Snipes in Jail with his Piggy Bank
Member reactions:
Nice detail on the face can see all inch by inch good clarity

Funny The Real Miss Piggy

The Real Miss Piggy
Member reactions:
Ha Works well
Excellent hair depth and the face with a Pig Look is really wonderful like the makeup

Funny Miss Piggy as Lara Croft

Miss Piggy as Lara Croft
Member reactions:
....seems Miss Piggy has been working out Cool chop.
"Lock n' Load-I'm in Love." Beautifully done.
Disasterman, Icy, Geriatric, Nepaguy thanks a lot
Congrats in advance this could be the one
Congratulation on the GOLD, Amazing work.
Pree, Rajestar, Balodiya, Joan, Chili, Qt, Paul, Geriatric thanks a lot.
Congrats on the gold, Sun. You are on a roll.
i love this one congrats on the gold sunshin

Funny Queen Miss Piggy

Queen Miss Piggy
Member reactions:
Great job, except around the right side of the face ... looks like you hurried. But great idea. Funny.

Funny Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank
Photoshop this piggy bank image any way you wish. Use your imagination as you see fit. This image supplied by Stock Exchange. Most of us collected coins in a piggy bank when we were kids. Today we chose thie image of piggy bank as a theme post, to have fun for a change. You will have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Typical Freaking News entry guidelines also apply. You can find them here. Thanks to Keb for sponsoring this contest.

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