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Funny Pig Pictures

Three Night Show PigsFunny Three Night Show Pigs
Member reactions:

Modern version of the "Three little pigs" tale...Awesome chop.

When Pigs FlyFunny When Pigs Fly
Member reactions:

A humorous/sarcastic remark, used to indicate the unlikeliness of some event or to mock the credulity of others.
Excellent. There are pigs who fly and pigs who don't.
cute pigs with wings... and one pig gets naughty
congratulations,,, Those are the cutest little piglets...
Great send-up. No idiom intended Hah. Congrats on the gold

Dancing PigFunny Dancing Pig
Member reactions:

sorry I didn't C this. but as it's said great minds think alike.
..xiest pig on the planet

Dictator pig AssadFunny Dictator pig Assad
Member reactions:

U.S. blames Assad regime for fostering rise of extremism Evil piggy 2 for side by side comparison with the first one, click here I think i improved on it.
He deserves this face.... and good chop well done i like it
Cutie piggies nose insult of Pig with that face
Hmmmm, I figured this for a cup, guess there's only so many to go around.
Great looking chop, jeremix I think because it was similar to the first one, people viewed it differently than they would have had they never seen the first one this is the only explanation that I can come up with, as to why this didn't place higher.
thanks for making me feel better, haha.

Evil pig AssadFunny Evil pig Assad
Member reactions:

Middle East will be unstable for decades if rebels take Syria, says Assad sources
Assad looks like a crazy hungry animal good chop in putting him with Pig characters on this face and hands good one like it
Freaking idea Neat and clean job done here
Laughing my arss off, this Crazy Basar is so cute in this piggies face. prfct nose
Great. Nicely his hands. Congrats on gold.
i am sooooorry for not vote this "amazing and wonderful" work... i dont see the contest in time for the votation, however now that i saw you do my compliments and the my congratulations for this magnificent your job ... a gold and absolutely earned and gained .... a composition with a splendid idea ..... braaaaaavo my friend 10 + + + + out of time .... but sincere
Impressive political satire, Jere. Congrats on the gold.

When Pigs FlyFunny When Pigs Fly
Member reactions:

Pig Skin FootballFunny Pig Skin Football
Member reactions:

So this is where footballs come from.
No one is going to want to kick or throw that cute little pig. Looks great.
This is an excellent chop, Nicely blended with so real look
So Cute Excellent Thinking and very well executed

Pig Playing FootballFunny Pig Playing Football
Member reactions:

Go go pigs, go go hams....
This pig looks great. Very creative and well done.
Excellent Chop, so clear and clean nice to see this
Master Piece Professionalism can be seen
We are playing the Wolves, gotta run fast...
Beautificent. Congrats on the gold, Marco.

Three Little Kardashian PigsFunny Three Little Kardashian Pigs
Member reactions:

Reality Show, Nursery Rhymes Style
hahahahehehehehihihhi toooooooooooooooooooooooo funny this job, is really beautiful, the wolf is exhilarating ... i like the wolf voyeur exhilarating, makes me pee on him .... great..
LOVE this. Need to figure out the "post on FB" thing, 'cause some people I know will freak for this.. Good choice of pigs.
Great work seen here, Nice to see the eyes of Wolf staring to the bee's Hat's off the creator... I am sure for a Medal
Marvaleous job done well done, The three of them looks amaze Nice hair style
Awesome job with the whole idea , Love your details in everything i see . The eyes , matching colors on the faces & all the colors go very well together ....
You had fun with this...and it shows. Congrats Pree--Awesome job.
ohh ty everyone.... Chip i did have fun,,, it was difficult to find good pig body sources,,so i put them together with parts,, Kim's pork butt is from a figurine,,
Congratulations. Are those the Kardashian Bimbos.
Congrats on the win, Pree. What a great chop.

Hugo Chavez the PigFunny Hugo Chavez the Pig
Member reactions:

The job of President seems to go to peoples heads... a lot.Venezuela's Chavez: Did U.S. give Latin American leaders cancer.
Impressive work, and the piggy Chavez looks so real he scares me.

Pig CelebritiesFunny Pig Celebrities - Forget the collagen shots. Those who want the fuller lips will now be able to have longer lasting effects with lip implants made from pig intestines. The implants are produced by Indiana-based company and are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for use in lips and other body parts. Merge celebrities (or politicians) and pigs any way you wish. Take a look at a good example.

Year of the PigFunny Year of the Pig - 2007 is a Year of the Pig. According to Chinese astrology, this will be a lucky year for those who, in their manners or behavior, resemble that animal. Considering what women think of men, a lot of men are going to get lucky this year. In this contest you are asked to photoshop pigs in one way or another wishing a Happy New Year 2007.

PigsFunny Pigs - For the upcoming National Pig Day, photoshop pigs doing things humans do.

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