Hey Pig
Hey Pig
Hey Pig. U with the Bum and Bears.
Member reactions:
Looks like sort of chinese or vietnamite village.

Funny Bewitched pig

Bewitched pig
Just one kiss would end the spell.
Member reactions:
Superchop . This GMO pig is incredible. Love it.
LOl if pigs can be witches then it must be this good one
Excellent. But who will kiss him.. Someone will, he has nice eyes.

Funny Royal Laughing Pig

Royal Laughing Pig

Funny Pigging Out

Pigging Out
Porker Size View
Member reactions:
It turns my stomach so this is good art. Well done.
Clever idea and excellent realization. Butchers will pay for that.
What a freaky concept and so gently executed it, undigested chop
Thanks Joan, great comment and compliment..I think. Thanks Lu... Thanks my friend Eric...
Thanks PJ. Thanks Gumster and thanks to everyone that voted and commented. Thanks Sulli. This was a fun chop/contest
Tanks Newsy.. with the inflection of Jim Valvano Freak Show Baby....
Thanks, Much appreciated my friend Elegary.
Double Silver congrats, Splat. Another cool one.
Thank you my friend Wanderer. Thanks News'em. Thanks Silver-K9. I happy you like it. One of my personal favorites too...kinda grows on you , Don't it.
I really like your work because it's so conceptual. Such a nice departure from slapstick. VERY nice. Thanks
Super comment LunaC. Thanks. I'm happy you like it. And Tanks for the Fave.
Mah velous...... Freakshow quality all the way... Congrats on the silver too.
Thanks Hitz...Now my chop is Officially validated by your most excellent compliment.

Funny Dino's Pig Skin Ball

Dino's Pig Skin Ball
Member reactions:
Overall it looks a little busy. Still I like the concept
Agree with mrvman. I would stick to the same concept and make it less crowded
A bit hard to distinguish elements. Love the idea.
Like the scales on his legs...good perfect match to the faces poor little piggy

Funny Pig Rig

Pig Rig
Member reactions:
Good one. Why not "Freaking Tours" instead of "Freaking News" .

Funny Three Night Show Pigs

Three Night Show Pigs
Member reactions:
Modern version of the "Three little pigs" tale...Awesome chop.
Very nice craftsmanship. Congrats on the silver

Funny When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly
A humorous/sarcastic remark, used to indicate the unlikeliness of some event or to mock the credulity of others.
Member reactions:
Excellent. There are pigs who fly and pigs who don't.
cute pigs with wings... and one pig gets naughty
congratulations,,, Those are the cutest little piglets...
Great send-up. No idiom intended Hah. Congrats on the gold

Funny Dancing Pig Puppet in the Park

Dancing Pig Puppet in the Park

Member reactions:
sorry I didn't C this. but as it's said great minds think alike.
..xiest pig on the planet

Funny Drunk Pig Killed by Car

Drunk Pig Killed by Car
Swino Dies: Drunk, Cow-fighting Australian Pig Killed by Vehicle “Swino”, the boorish pig, has punched out his last cow. Sources
Member reactions:
Sorry about the pig. It should not drink and run, you know
Yea you right, Newsy
Where in the world did you find a cow source like that. Super convolution
Pics of running with the bulls, HitMan. The only ones I found with decent shots of their backs. Thanks for asking and the compliment, Hits, your good people. I thougt it was pretty good too, but got a little miffed over a surprise lowball.
Sometimes the lowballs just get under your skin even if the voters Karma is 1. Like funkwood says, "We all get em"
Your absolutely right, HitMan, and typically lowballs don’t bother me, just as this lowblow is now forgotten.

Funny Pig Celebrities

Pig Celebrities
Forget the collagen shots. Those who want the fuller lips will now be able to have longer lasting effects with lip implants made from pig intestines. The implants are produced by Indiana-based company and are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for use in lips and other body parts. Merge celebrities (or politicians) and pigs any way you wish. Take a look at a good example.

Funny Year of the Pig

Year of the Pig
2007 is a Year of the Pig. According to Chinese astrology, this will be a lucky year for those who, in their manners or behavior, resemble that animal. Considering what women think of men, a lot of men are going to get lucky this year. In this contest you are asked to photoshop pigs in one way or another wishing a Happy New Year 2007.

Funny Pigs

For the upcoming National Pig Day, photoshop pigs doing things humans do.

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