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Funny Pig Pictures

Pig of the yearFunny Pig of the year
Member reactions:

everybody will get a fair chance, all the best
Could this pig be our next president. Hahaha.

Man with a Circus PigFunny Man with a Circus Pig
Member reactions:

Joe would rather be a juggler like Steve.
Thanks guys. The pig absolutely loves the attention.
Fantastic composition, love the colors and how you did the shadows - looks pro.
Thanks crusader, thanks NewsMaster. Yes, gotta have the shadows, though I am no fan of making them.

Detective Arnold Bacon the PigFunny Detective Arnold Bacon the Pig
Member reactions:
I say, when was it you last saw the missing truffles . . . Please view in Hi-Res source photo
Thank you kindly to everyone, for your votes and comments . . . truly appreciated . . . I finally caught that bright, elusive 2nd trophy of Gold.
Love the Pig Gtrmoonshop , Big Congrats ....
Hey, that detective found hidden gold. Congrats on the win, grt - truly amazing photo realistic work.
Thanks berdulano, Sunshin3, Chili, and Newsy . . . much appreciated. Just wanted to clarify the moniker . . . it's QTRMOONSHOP with a "Q" . . . qtrmoon is short for, quarter moon . . .

A Couple Riding a PigFunny A Couple Riding a Pig
Member reactions:

Congrats on the silver. . . . Great work . . . . . . home again, home again, jiggety-jig . . .
haha.....Thanks To All of You...Im happy Wee..
Great job on the chop, but it looks like your voting could use some an average vote of 3.2 on the other images is more of an insult then anything else
Thanks Pcrdds .. Disasterman, Sorry Im a little strict, IŽll try to be better in votations

Worlds` Largest PigFunny Worlds` Largest Pig
Member reactions:

Spider PigFunny Spider Pig
Member reactions:

pretty cute, but I would have preferred he had fangs drawing blood out of the hand.

Babe: Christmas Pig CatalogueFunny Babe: Christmas Pig Catalogue
Member reactions:

Place your order now, and avoid the holiday rush.
Need to get my order in early for Xmas
Sickening, but very well done. Superb composition.
finally someone has done sometning about that obnoxious pig: too bad Im not talking about Obama.
Looks like someone better fire up the BBQ....very nice work.

Pirate PigFunny Pirate Pig
Member reactions:

Pig Bull TerrierFunny Pig Bull Terrier
Member reactions:

ihihi thanks carl3 , rajeshstar , toledoeagle , Doxieone

Mutant Pig PersonFunny Mutant Pig Person
Member reactions:

Special thanks to the pig, another pig's nose and yet another's tail, some dog's tongue and last but not least Gary Busey. SOURCE
Adding parts from Gary Busey makes it a shoe in for the ugliest pet

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