Drunk Pig Killed by Car
Drunk Pig Killed by Car
Drunk Pig Killed by Car. Swino Dies: Drunk, Cow-fighting Australian Pig Killed by Vehicle “Swino”, the boorish pig, has punched out his last cow. Sources
Member reactions:
Sorry about the pig. It should not drink and run, you know
Yea you right, Newsy
Where in the world did you find a cow source like that. Super convolution
Pics of running with the bulls, HitMan. The only ones I found with decent shots of their backs. Thanks for asking and the compliment, Hits, your good people. I thougt it was pretty good too, but got a little miffed over a surprise lowball.
Sometimes the lowballs just get under your skin even if the voters Karma is 1. Like funkwood says, "We all get em"
Your absolutely right, HitMan, and typically lowballs don’t bother me, just as this lowblow is now forgotten.

Funny Southern Belle Pig

Southern Belle Pig
This little piggy lives high off the hog. Sources
Member reactions:
Very Cute and beautiful All the pets are looks awesome today
It,s power full piggy and every pet is feeling joules.

Funny Pig Bird Hybrid

Pig Bird Hybrid
Freaking Pigbird.
Member reactions:
Rose ... ed Grosbeak. Nice stitches. Apparently the mods ate part of my comment. Lol. Rose B r e a s t e d Grosbeak. Will that make it though. Lol.
Me likes a lot, but I wish the image were bigger

Funny Kylie Minogue in a Pink Dress with Flying Pigs

Kylie Minogue in a Pink Dress with Flying Pigs
Happpy 45 Kylie .
Member reactions:
Nice gown and pink shades of color on her makes so beautiful and the Pigs with wings helping her to put the little pig a crown very cute and lovely job done
Everything looks better with flying bacon..
Congrats on the gold, Ariel. Your first gold at FN. Sweeeeet
Thanks Steve, and as you said, bacon rules .
Congratulations Ariel9. You are moving-up the FN 'HIT' list.
Way to go, kid.... Excellent work. Technical tip. Shadowing is not just adding black though some people do that around here and somehow get away with it. It always looks more natural if you add in some sienna /and/or reflected color for highlights. I always lay down the base shadow with a very dark brow on skin tones and then brush in black or dk blue-black sometimes. That is an old masters trick.
Thank you very much HS. I I love your technical tips, thanks for your time and patience, I will never use black again, even if I never used before

Funny Dictator Pig Assad

Dictator Pig Assad
U.S. blames Assad regime for fostering rise of extremism Evil piggy 2 for side by side comparison with the first one, click here I think i improved on it.
Member reactions:
He deserves this face.... and good chop well done i like it
Cutie piggies nose insult of Pig with that face
Hmmmm, I figured this for a cup, guess there's only so many to go around.
Great looking chop, jeremix … I think because it was similar to the first one, people viewed it differently than they would have had they never seen the first one … this is the only explanation that I can come up with, as to why this didn't place higher.
thanks for making me feel better, haha.°°

Funny Assad in Syria as a Pig

Assad in Syria as a Pig
Middle East will be unstable for decades if rebels take Syria, says Assad sources
Member reactions:
Assad looks like a crazy hungry animal good chop in putting him with Pig characters on this face and hands good one like it
Freaking idea Neat and clean job done here
Laughing my arss off, this Crazy Basar is so cute in this piggies face. prfct nose
Great. Nicely blended...love his hands. Congrats on gold.
Impressive political satire, Jere. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Kim Jong Un Stuffed Pig

Kim Jong Un Stuffed Pig
He's over-fed while the rest of his people starve. He should be stuffed.
Member reactions:
Great blending of the Nose and ears to his face... He perfectly fits to the character... good one
Thank you everyone.
Congrats on the wood, Janna. Welcome back. And please update your email address in your profile - the old one no longer works.

Funny When Pigs Fly Pig Astronaut

When Pigs Fly Pig Astronaut

Funny Hairy Pig

Hairy Pig
Member reactions:
I Love this one. Reminds me of the Boogymen in Babes in Toyland. (Laurel & Hardy)Great Job.
Very cute..... Piggy with this hairstyle looks so pretty and wonderful
Cute little piggy very innocent creatures on earth

Funny Pig Skin Football

Pig Skin Football
So this is where footballs come from.
Member reactions:
No one is going to want to kick or throw that cute little pig. Looks great.
This is an excellent chop, Nicely blended with so real look
So Cute Excellent Thinking and very well executed

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