Seal Pier
Seal Pier
Seal Pier.

Funny The floating piers

The floating piers
christo's floating piers open to the public in lake iseo, italy

Funny Old Man Walking on a Pier Watching Hot Air Balloons

Old Man Walking on a Pier Watching Hot Air Balloons
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Member reactions:
This is me. An old fart strolling around thinking about what to paint next. That snake symbolizes the carnival of bad thoughts and regrets intruding. The balloons a metaphor for all my hopes and dreams held aloft by hot air. In the jet is my estranged S.O.B. step-father I haven't seen in years. And for very good reasons. Beautiful job. Seriously... nicely done. I'm sure you have your own meanings behind it all. : )
Thanks, Rob. Great interpretation. I find the old man just oblivious enough to still enjoy his day.
There's a lot to be said for obliviousness
Thanks, Gumster. Yes indeed, I would agree. All sorts of words like "run..." come to mind.
Hey RobbNewman, I Like your story that goes with Hidden's chop. Peaceful chop.
The more I look at it the more I think the snake is asking him something and he is telling it to be patient.
Thanks very much, Hobbit. I too find the image has an element of peacefulness about it. Peaceful but on the verge of chaos I think.
Love the atmosphere and the symbols. After that everyone cn give his own interpretation.
thanks, Joan, Eric, Swash, and Lu. Yes, Lu. Sort of a "Keep Calm" and "...." fill in the blank chop.
Thanks, Andrew. Just Short. I had a sea serpent with a kernel of corn for it's eye...Guess maybe I should have thrown that fellow in too. Maybe next time.
Gallery quality, man. Shrug. Sea serpents are cool. If it wants in, let it. That is my policy Top 5 congrats
Top 5 congrats Splat.There is some serious competition going on.
Thanks AndWhat. Thanks, Gummy. Thanks, Hit-man...Good advice. Great contest with a number of tough images to compete against. I "should be" happy with my finish...grrrr
This placed in the fifth slot, but really it can be framed and be a gem in any modern art museum
Much appreciated, Newsy. And thanks for the POD.

Funny Somerset Pier's New Pilings

Somerset Pier's New Pilings
Member reactions:
I was looking around for PI...then I found them. Clever idea.

Funny Piers Morgan Dressed as a Female Rocker

Piers Morgan Dressed as a Female Rocker
Was that fast enough. Entered 7 mins after contest opened Pierce Morgan and Cindy Lauper FYI if it isn't obvious

Funny Piers Morgan in a Dalek Making an Assault on Assault Weapons

Piers Morgan in a Dalek Making an Assault on Assault Weapons
Gun control thug
Member reactions:
Great caricature and freaky smile good one... the Ghost rider is dying now
I knew this style looked familiar, always good work. We still having fun, hope U are doing the same.Oh an my two cups this year saved me from chopping 160 picture for the same coin, there is a god, when the best sit out.
Tough competition but, you slipped one in HS.
Hah, yep it's my style. I'd have more fun if a cup was in it for my efforts but it's pretty cool to see someone nail down all 4. That's a real accomplishent. Anyway, your trophy was well earned in any contest, D. It was a good chop pal

Funny Girl Catches a Fish on the Pier

Girl Catches a Fish on the Pier
Great Catch.
Member reactions:
Yes great catch, so clean and well merged with the source, looks its original

Funny Ryan Reynolds on the Pier

Ryan Reynolds on the Pier

Funny Seagulls on the Pier

Seagulls on the Pier
Member reactions:
nice work blearyeye keep up top chops man ...

Funny Plane Making an Emergency Landing on a Pier

Plane Making an Emergency Landing on a Pier

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