Piece Of Cake
Piece Of Cake
Piece Of Cake. Idiom: Piece Of Cake, It means that something is very easy to do.

Funny A Little Piece Of My Heart

A Little Piece Of My Heart

Funny Horse Chess Piece

Horse Chess Piece

Funny Little Girl Giving a Mouse a Piece of Cheese

Little Girl Giving a Mouse a Piece of Cheese
Member reactions:
great job done in this chop like the color and the lighting effects
Great art, the best dressed and lights, good luck my friend
Fantastic composition and work, but why the small image.
Thanks pcrdds and thanks geriatric Newsy : Because I am twisted . Thanks a lot for your comments .
Congrats Boulpix...I like that gritty style

Funny Pieces of the Statue of David

Pieces of the Statue of David
Member reactions:
. Some assembly required Comes with the glue and the fig leaf

Funny Modern Glass Chess Pieces

Modern Glass Chess Pieces
I took the parts of the lamp and made my own chess pieces out of them and used the liquefy tool for most of the pieces and colorized the other ones to be blue for the opponent
Member reactions:
Great work recreating the chess figures just from the lamp source.

Funny Hanging Chess Pieces

Hanging Chess Pieces
Member reactions:
Full on creeps me out hahahaha but very well done
I like this alot fleek keep great chopping like this style
I love the freakish creativity here. Fleek strikes again.

Funny Barack Obama Chess Piece

Barack Obama Chess Piece

Funny Real Chess Piece Horse

Real Chess Piece Horse
Sorry son. Your father was a Trojan horse.
Member reactions:
brilliant idea..can just image this conversation.
Definitely one of the best in this contest. The middle part of the "new" horse looks a bit flat though.

Funny Chess Piece Archer

Chess Piece Archer
Member reactions:
Shooting horse. One of my favorites in the contest.

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