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Funny Picnic Pictures

Picnic on Iceland Funny Picnic on Iceland
Member reactions:
Please view full image American tourists having picnic on Iceland glacier rescued after it becomes iceberg and floats away - with them on it
All Big Wigs were on the Iceland with turns to a floating glacier enjoying the ride with Penguins very crazy picnic Good idea to put an Umbrella marking "HELP" on it
Good One gugulanul. ; ) Congratulations on the Bronze.
Full view is a beauty. Congrats on the bronze, gugu.
Thank you very much,geriatric,penaplonk,Bmore and NewsMaster ... ...

`Picnic Interrupted`Funny `Picnic Interrupted`
Member reactions:

Valentine's day just took a nasty detour For Kermit The Frog and his longtime Sweetheart Miss Piggy.
Funny idea and very nicely done... Crazy frog with Legs stuck snake

PicnicFunny Picnic
Member reactions:

Really awesome, nice lighting, color matching, looks really great's HIDDEN-she's baaack. Cute as a pin.
Beautiful chop really nice work. you have a few extra lines at the top of the legs at the edges, that you may want to clean up.
Awesome.... Kate looking so beautiful with a big hat and the she went to picnic alone. I am going there... So lovely background..... well deserved picnic spot
How sweet... lovely posture and the picnic place is awesome.
Congratulations. The Bunny made me think it was a Preemiememe special but, the ever-changing Funkwood has done it again.
funkwood congratulations she,s perty and perfectly done....
I gave you a 10 beautiful chop and congrats on the silver.

Obama Labor Day PicnicFunny Obama Labor Day Picnic
Member reactions:

Labor Day picnics serve up politics and burgers
Oh dear lord but I love the rodent photobomb.
Well done my dental friend , love it & funny ....
"ChuckleHead to Honkey House-Over.Do you read me Honkey-I mean White House-Over" Good work-humorous.
Best picnic place, its wild out there in background
Awesome to see the High Profile couple very funny to see both of them enjoying and smoking cigarratte
Silver congrats Paul , i know this was a winner from the start ....
Congrats on winning the Silver,Bronze,Wood,copper and lead....Paul. Way to go my friend, you must be on something, great work.....Bravo...
Thanks, everyone. Ideas just kept popping into my head, Bernie.
Five of the top six. . Way to go.

Dangerous picnicFunny Dangerous picnic
Member reactions:

Fantastic you made them invisible now.... really a tough task to make porton of the image invisible... good job done

Picnic In The ForestFunny Picnic In The Forest
Member reactions:

Like. Oh sure now you tell me, FN's got brassieres and panties in addition to T-shirts. Ripple . . . used to make me hallucinate. Do Ripple or Thunderbird still exist, or is there just Mad Dog 20/20 and Richard's Wild Irish Rose to get where you need.
"You can't make a splash without a Ripple."
This one is always hilarious to see Obama rocks in the garden No strings attached
Thanks for the nice comments, people. Sorry Steve, Ripple isn't made anymore from what I could find out. Don't know about T-Bird, either.
As i remember , Thunderbird was even sold in the local 7-11's when i lived in the states back in 2008. Yea sure , i'd get that 6 pack of Heineken beer after a sweaty day at the office .... Great chop Hidden
......... hes undressing her with his mouth... thats obama alright
Funny one,Paul.....great work as usual,Bravo.
Thanks for the mammaries. Great satire.
Thanks, Newsy. I think you should produce that bikini. It would be a big seller.

Picnic on a FrogFunny Picnic on a Frog
Member reactions:

just a little something not much.
Very well merge of Grass over the frog, like the way its shown green Living by nature

Fast Food Picnic in the CountryFunny Fast Food Picnic in the Country
Member reactions:

This is a combo of Renoir's: The Heights at Trouville, Girl with a Watering Can, Charles Le Coeur, Architect and Friend of the Painter. Finished off with some brushing techniques.
good to see both with this stuff and one more a Aircraft is seen up above the sky very well done

Picnic with CaterpillarsFunny Picnic with Caterpillars
Member reactions:

Down home country goodness...
Wonderful composition. Nice addition of the shadows
Thanks, all are great and so is FN. I'm addicted......

Biden and Kucinich Having a picnicFunny Biden and Kucinich Having a picnic
Member reactions:

Biden and Kucinich get together for a little shop talk on the capital lawn. SOURCE

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