Pickup Miura
Pickup Miura
Pickup Miura. Member reactions:

Funny Shia LaBeouf Drives Pickup Into A Sinkhole

Shia LaBeouf Drives Pickup Into A Sinkhole
A man drives his Chevy pickup into a sinkhole and on top of a car already in there
Member reactions:
Absolute vodka Lady creaming in dig is the real news
Cool beans
Noooo...it's a four-headed Monster chop...Congrats again.

Funny Pickup Parked in a Tree

Pickup Parked in a Tree
Member reactions:
There must be a News story for this one. (.) It must have happened at least once.
It looks like the Car is struck up between the trees. Looks like a tornado after effects made like this..
I just love this concept ha ha ha perfect to the freakshow idea

Funny Fat Hillary Clinton in a Pickup Truck

Fat Hillary Clinton in a Pickup Truck
Member reactions:
Obama looks too funny.... A fat president representing his country

Funny Pickup Truck Reflection

Pickup Truck Reflection
Member reactions:
Thanks Goat. Can't tell ya how much work went into creating an upside down truck. Just flipping it doesn't work.
What happened to the wheels. Is this a HoverTruck.
Ha geriatric, the hover truck will be next....... it is already done.
"VRROOOM. Just trying to picture movement.... Good luck.

Funny Bear on the Back of a Sumerged Pickup Truck in Lake

Bear on the Back of a Sumerged Pickup Truck in Lake
SEE FULL... find Sasquatch. Inside of cab completely remanufactured. windsheild 3 layers, hardest illusion for me yet... 3 days. SOURCES
Member reactions:
Incredible work & I love the license plate
Great work...but I think the bear needs reflection, too. That may just be me.
, veeeery nice work. The underwater part looks perfect - kudos on that. Just a hint - reflections on water are exactly vertical. Always. Except Sasquatch... Legends have no reflections (thx for the chuckle)
TiredTom, I changed the bears head to a full view... thanks and added Sasquatch. rajeshstar... thanks. pcrdds... thanks
Thank you for edit - even more -factor now.
Nice Sceenary, Its Look Beautiful, Great Job
Friggin' work of art. Luv how you did the submerged car. and I found Yeti.
Thanks Newsy, congrats on locating Big Foot.

Funny Elephant on a Pickup Truck

Elephant on a Pickup Truck
Back from the wilderness just a little bit early.
Member reactions:
Pure Gold in my book, great Web site too Maksim, Congrads.
Maksim congratulations on the woodie nice chop i love the smoke ..
great concept,... it looks like it would really work.
fantastic work Maksim .. congrats on the woody
Wood for Maksim. Great political satire here, congrats.

Funny Ford Pickup Plane

Ford Pickup Plane
She thinks my pickup's s*xy. (Even s*xier in full size)
Member reactions:
dude (or dudett) that is wayyyy cool, very good job.
Congrats LunaC... There definitely should be 2 gold medals in this contest... This is superb... I'm sure there's nothing I could add to make it cooler.
Well done Luna , congrats on the silver and keep going
Great work Luna. Pretty cool - congratulations on Silver for my personal favourite image here. Way to go.
My dad knew Henry Ford; I'm from a Ford family so this reminds me the REAL Ford acronym: First On Race Day

Funny Pickup Hummer

Pickup Hummer
So Light...

Funny Red Canoe on Top of a Pickup Truck

Red Canoe on Top of a Pickup Truck
Member reactions:
Taking home a small souvenir of the Riverview. It was a lovely stay.

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