Paul Ross King of the Political Photoshoppers
Paul Ross King of the Political Photoshoppers
Paul Ross King of the Political Photoshoppers. Member reactions:
Nods, it's always a loss when an artist passes
Thank you, everyone. Still don't believe we would't see pictures from Paul and his friendly advises.

Funny Photoshopper Earns a Living In California

Photoshopper Earns a Living In California
PSMandrake will soon be living in California - quite a change from Italy, I would think.
Member reactions:
, a really excellently done chop, Doc. Actually looks like his style..... Bronze congrats. Yeah, I expect some culture shock is in the lad's future hehehe. Remind him we don't wear ties, everybody owns a gun even if they say they don't and all California girls are Big welcome to a most desired addition to the American family.
Thanks, everyone. I'll be sure to tell him when I see him, Tim.
Thanks, Andrew, hobbit, its420 and lucido.

Funny Out of Work Photoshopper

Out of Work Photoshopper
Hello There.

Funny Funkwood the Master Photoshopper

Funkwood the Master Photoshopper
Member reactions:
laughing my arse off too. You're too kind hidden.
So this is the secret behind the golden trophies Cigarret buds were all behind the beautiful pics Great job done to put Funkwood Hit list... good competitive spirit
Awesome Collection and very well executed But Smoking is Injurious to health. Great Caricature excellent job done hidden
Love it, best practice chop.. HD quality and smooth work. The way you manage his head and hand is unbelievable One of my Fav
Oh, it's 'shrunkhead funkwood" nice choppin "chop addict" , I'm glad to see you kept your teeth in for this picture Congrats on the bronze.
Thanks, everybody. Billy Mac, thanks, and send a hi-res pic if you dare.
Congrats Paul, super chop...I crossed you and Rodney off my hit list, Salis is next I guess, but I can't put a name to the face on the far left...Still haven't got around to getting a tablet either.
Thanks, Mr. F. You really don't know who that is on the far left. Surely you jest.
Congratulations. Reminded me of 'Pin-Head' in the "Puppet Master" movies.
5 hour energy tablets. Now we know his secret. (+ Red Bull + ciggies of course ) Congrats on the bronze, Paul.

Funny Photoshopper with his New Wacom Tablet

Photoshopper with his New Wacom Tablet
Member reactions:
1derful work Here. I need one of those hats. *~}{~*
This is superb work with wiacom tablet excellent work with the good source of lights and the display of all his characters on the wall is amazing good job done hidden
This is it.. I would like to visit u once
Congrats, on the Gold & friend. Awesome work as usual....Bravo...
Fantastically Delicious Art Ricardo in my faves. though, I did pick this one for silver and the other for gold I'm not sure why, but I find myself a bit partial to the Dr.Freud chop Splendid Work, Many Congrats amico
Congrats on the gold, Ricky you deserved to win your works are amazing perfect fantastical done, love your style and skills keep it up my friend..

Funny Dr Freud Analyzes Mandrake the Photoshopper

Dr Freud Analyzes Mandrake the Photoshopper
Member reactions:
Another 1derful Job. The doll was a fabulous idea. *~~*
Both the doctors were amazing in their own work like the doll and the freaky testing machine and a freaky head cover its amazing to see sparks coming out of it
Awesome place of interrogation with funny style its totally freaky ..
Congrats, on the Gold & friend. Awesome work as usual....Bravo...
Maybe there should have been two gold cups for you this time Ricky this is one of my favorites of yours, though it's always difficult to pick favorites, when you have so many outstanding works CONGRATTTTTSSSSSSS.....
Lots of great details, congrats on the silver and agree with QTR this should be gold too.

Funny Top Photoshopper with a Trophy

Top Photoshopper with a Trophy
AZRainman and some of the gang, hangin' at the FN Diner (in a freaking time-warp) HI-RES VIEW source
Member reactions:
Oh my...this is HILARIOUS. I just love the fat waitress and the passengers. Great work, hidden...even down to the toothpicks on the counter, spelling out "Freaking."
Awesome LoL Shouldv titled it "Top Marks"
Love it ....
.... every once and a while i come back to this to sneak a look at this hot waitress... my my.
Thanks everyone, I'm glad you like . . . salah, I wanted to stick you next to Vlad, but I found the photo of your mug too late, mate. Would have liked to include more members need more good source pics.
Shhttt Salis if you don't want to have problems with D-Man ...
Hahaha . Every time I look at your work, there is a new member. Good job hidden .
Great .... well done love the way the word FREAKING is made using the toothpicks and the hologram over the Cup and the DMan standing the far corner waiting for Invitation is really funny Its really an awesome chop and great freaking restaurant treat
This is it, no words required. Appreciate your work my friend. Good luck
Thanks all ... raje, you're in there too.
Such a beautiful smile on "Paulina" ... she must have a great dentist.
you havent missed anything... rains cup has mini rains reflection too.. someones been Stalking ........ Paulina has just the right amount of makeup on,,
Just saw this. Actually very flattering and well done...thanks Fun part us seeing all the things you did with the others and smaller images in the diner , even have my childhood pic in the reflection of the trophy.
Con-Gratz on your Bronze my friend.
Bronze congrats, Billy Mac. Lots of laughs here....
Many thanks to all . . . As I'm sure most, if not all of you have done, I have been making greeting cards for friends for many years, and it's always a lot of fun for both myself, and those involved I'm so glad the gesture has been received with the desired response "NOTHIN' COULD BE FINER "
Finally someone took the time to include me their chops...this is awesome..thanks.
TY & you're welcome Mundo, TY JL Cheers to all FN members. members shown: (from center L-R) AZRainman, pcrdds, Mundo, salis2006, Disasterman111, RickyTrek1, deaddog, rajeshstar, preemiememe, macwithfries,funkwood, DesignerKratos, Sunshin3, NewsMaster, RWPike, Kellie (smurf n' turf by LunaC)
Beyond amazing. brilliant. Well done, I love it.
oh, an updated version, congrats qtrmoonshop and thanx for the laughter
Congrats on the bronze, Bill. Great honor chop for us.

Funny Zombie Photoshopper

Zombie Photoshopper
Damn...wifi,it's hard to get a signal in this place... I need to submit my artwork on
Member reactions:
Is that hand Cousin It. from the Addams Family.
Fantastic background work, good lights and freaky baby
Zombie chopper excellent facial look given its really scary I guess all the scary images of this contest were being chopped by Zombie Chopper Nice idea to put the candle lighting in the hand
Thanks, pcrdds and everyone of you Mad Choppers...............
Way to go Bernie , Congrats on the wood ....
Halloween is coming early this year... at least for FNers. Congrats on the wood, napaguy.

Funny Photoshoppers Behind the Scenes

Photoshoppers Behind the Scenes
Member reactions:
Nice work. . . . especially love the wallpaper & framed pics" . . .

Funny Barack Obama and Photoshoppers

Barack Obama and Photoshoppers
Choppers on freaking news (Preemiememe, Disasterman, Sidkain, Azrainman, Hygglobert, Jeremix, Kratos, Iboudesign, Newsmaster,Hitspinner, Kellie, Real meert) and if I would have been able, the others choppers in this site. Conclusion...Difficult to mix these photos in various size and resolutions
Member reactions:
Bwahahahahaha look at real meert and kratos , Sidkain , salis , Kellie how funny they are .. and the rest too for sure fantastic work on all of there faces and thank you too .. the hidden author in the design too i catch you
It's nice to be with such good "company" a lot of faces and work in this.
Now that is funny. I'm jealous. I wish I could have played with ya'll in this tribute contest but I did a little nerve damage to right arm. Seems it won't stop shaking. But if I did one, I hope it would look like this. Splendid work.
lllll. what a collection .. and thanx for adding me here...
Excellent, I made myself a new avatar from this
Hitspinner looks like Dennis Hopper here Meert - I saw your new avatar - looks fab.
awww how cool... im putting this on my fb,, im honored,, nice work....
Thanks a lot everyone...I'm enjoy you like it. I'm proud Real meert that you love your new avatar.
Another fine pic, thanks for the caricature
Thank you hitspinner. Takes care of you and your arm and returns fast chopper with us
Splendid work iboudesign

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