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wedding photoFunny wedding photo
Member reactions:

legal or not its hot .. thats my opinion id see the P video

Lincoln Found In Old PhotoFunny Lincoln Found In Old Photo
Member reactions:

Abraham Lincoln found in old photo. Besides Lincoln, also found from L-R were rwpike, deaddog and Silvercanine.
LooooooooooooooL man this is awesome...this is hysterical.very funny chopping...and great job hidden fantastic look hot in this vintage photo..u want to drag me again to a revenge chop Hidden.
Hilarious.... he looks cool in this attire
Thanks, people. . We've got some fine bathing beauties here at FN, don't we.

Geraldo Rivera Tweets Photo Of HimselfFunny Geraldo Rivera Tweets Photo Of Himself
Member reactions:
Geraldo Rivera tweets a questionable picture of himself. Geraldo is very proud of his 70 year-old body.
... and again ... ... congrats,pcrdds.

Female Cop Demoted For Racy PhotosFunny Female Cop Demoted For Racy Photos
Member reactions:

Female cop demoted for racy photos Source
Now that's Just Wrong.... She..ah..I mean he..ah...Dang it. Salis needs a waxing. **
"I'm in the mood for Love-simply because you're near me...etc." (sung by Darla of Spanky & Our Gang fame) Hilariously done.
Excellent. She really looks awesome Very well executed
... ( white flag ) note to self : NEVER EVER mess with an old man with tons of free time and SLIGHTLY knows how to use Photoshop .
Thanks, everyone...uh...Mr. Salis...that comment didn't help you. .
Great work on the source... and lovely male female representation... and freaky white liquid.... like the wordings on the Sky Revenge is sweet very well done
Rolling on the floor with laugh.... Killing chop with lots of lotion on it to make this entry on the cream level
Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, eric. Thanks, pree.
411 Comments. PHEW. I'm impressed.. Congratulations.
Again Congratulations Paul. 6 entries in the top 10, 2 trophies, fists full of moolah, and picture of the day. Your a Photo Chopping Moe~chine. **
This is just soooo wrong hahahahahaha Nice job

Family PhotoFunny Family Photo
Member reactions:

Beautiful family
This one is nice family photo Like the mother's face and the baby
Congrats on the Wood Veroni very nicely done.
Wood congrats Veroni great blending, I used too the same stock only in different pose

Famous PhotoFunny Famous Photo
Member reactions:

Hey Dude.. it's my turn..
sucks being the third wheel, but alien seems fine with it.
Alien looks like he is waiting for sloppy seconds.
, fantastic work clear and conceptual Good job

Barack Obama Marine with his Donkey PhotoFunny Barack Obama Marine with his Donkey Photo
Member reactions:

Marine posted Obama's face on donkey body
If putting Obama's head on a donkey is a crime, they'll need a whole new prison to hold all of us FN-ers.
Agree to LunaC well who's hand is that holding the photo
..I'm agree with you LunaC.Thanks all.
Obama looks so cute in this uniform and very funny with a donkey's hands and ears
xxxSupeeeeeeeeeeeeeer congratulations on the 'gold. great job.
thanks doc, PSM and geriatric...Many thanks to all for giving me the fifth golden cup..
Maybe Big Brother will let you display your gold trophy in your jail cell when they arrest you for making fun of our beloved Obama. Congrats...and see you in the prison yard.
Congratulations on the Gold BlackXxX...outstanding work

Admiral Dolphin Official Military PhotoFunny Admiral Dolphin Official Military Photo
Member reactions:

The dress is perfectly fitting him, great facial expression dolphins are always the happiest creatures in the world
Silver congrats, DAL. This admiral gets his salary in fish, hahaha.

Memory PhotoFunny Memory Photo
Member reactions:

So Lovely present, thinking to make another one and present my Beloved

Barack Obama`s Old Wedding PhotoFunny Barack Obama`s Old Wedding Photo
Member reactions:

Two top 10's and pree must be an Big O voter.

Vintage Photo MontageFunny Vintage Photo Montage - Long before Photoshop, in the beginning of the 20th century, photographer from Kansas William 'Dad' Martin started creating photo montages of his photos and sold them as postcards. Martin used just photo prints, scissors, glue, and pencil to create realistically looking photo hoaxes for his postcards, and they sold like hotcakes. During 1903-1909, Martin's photography company, which originally had just 5 people, and was located on a quiet street in Kansas, sold more photo postcards than most famous photo studios in New York. Take any vintage photo (up to 1950) and photoshop it any way you like (keeping a vintage feel to it). It's OK to add any modern objects and characters to vintage photos, as long as you keep the original vintage style of the photo.

Photo IllusionFunny Photo Illusion - Photoshop this photo illusion image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: putting other things into the held photo, showing creative ways to use this photo illusion in advertisements, art, putting the photo illusion into some unusual environment. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Clemintine Kennedy and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Photo ShootingFunny Photo Shooting - Photoshop this photo shooting image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: showing what background scenery would make this a very unusual or even final photo, putting animals or objects into this photo shooting scene. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Jeff Hire and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Photo ExhibitionFunny Photo Exhibition - Photoshop this photo exhibition image (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Examples may include changing this photo exhibition into some other exhibition, placing the spectator into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Marcel Reimer of Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

UFO & Alien PhotosFunny UFO & Alien Photos - Create UFO hoaxes or create photos and documents that show undisputed evidence that UFOs exist.

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