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Funny Phones Pictures

Obama And Putin Talk On PhoneFunny Obama And Putin Talk On Phone
Member reactions:
Obama and Putin spend an hour on the phone.
Very well executed Nice feeling sharing
Excellent caricatures . Vudu doll is a great touch.
This freaking rocks. Many clever details on both sides. One question - that sagging body of Putin is taken from Arnie methinks.
Thanks, everyone. No, Newsy...the sagging body came from some anonymous Google image search.
congratulations on the triplet. excellent work as always doc
Pretty sure that Obama and Putin will see that . Amazing .
Thanks, Bob, Elegary, Andrew, Tim and Newsy.
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Elegary, Tim and Newsy.

Samsung `Mega` PhoneFunny Samsung `Mega` Phone
Member reactions:

'Mega' Phone Is Huge, With Limited Appeal
Samsung is planning to replace School Bags, Hotel Food Menus and Paper Challans for future.... Everything goes digital Like your concept of putting the Samsung Phones behind them well done
Replacement of Hardcopy materials, its good idea and will same paper so the tree..
Excellent. Samsung does make freaking huge phones - I wanted to buy a Samsung after I've read the reviews but then I saw how big it was. Congrats on the wood, GRM.

eye spy phoneFunny eye spy phone
Member reactions:

Old phoneFunny Old phone
Member reactions:

 Vintage Victrola PhoneFunny Vintage Victrola Phone
Member reactions:

Shoulder strap and handy leather pouch included
Awesome antique gadget with ultra clear sound quality since U got Gramophone and huge Mic
HUH. What the **** is this. Nice work-looks like it was designed by an Accountant.
Whad ya mean, new inventions are almost always put together from spare parts of old crap These things were stat of the art when I bought them
This looks like a classical gramophone machine which plays music and telephone just like today's mobile phone with MP3 facility well done
I'm in love with this chop. Actually would love to make a call using this baby. Congrats on the silver, Hits.
Congratulations. I guess I should recall what a custom-designed Sheffield Lab Tube/Stereo microphone looked like. Okay-it's a Masterful invention...for the first run that is. I have to send this to the Chief Eng. from Sheffield's past.

SHUT UP, I'm On The PhoneFunny SHUT UP, I'm On The Phone
Member reactions:

Much better now, you were breaking up in the cave.
Hey sweetheart I am talking to my Travel agent to book our stay on Mars

Smart Phone Camera - PrototypeFunny Smart Phone Camera - Prototype
Member reactions:

Camera News
Nice innovative tech gadget... nice one

Z0mbie PhoneFunny Z0mbie Phone
Member reactions:

Good example of showing the excessive usage of Mobile phones.... It emits fatal radiation can make People Zombies Even it did not spare the President Awesome chop and good effects used to make him like a Zombie
I would like to buy 1 to gift some of my freaking friend
Great job and wicked effects, congrats on winning the woody Bmore.
Thanks very kindly everyone. ; ) I do enjoy the wood. Seems to be my ceiling. Lol. ; )
P.S. Its part of a series I'm putting together. The Anatomy of a Politician.
Wooden Congrats Bmore the likeness is dead on
Spooky and well done. Congrats on the wood, Bmore.

The Ninja phone by...NOKIA!Funny The Ninja phone by...NOKIA!
Member reactions:

This is the last effort Nokia making to regain leadership in the Market ... Ninja really helps to fight with the competitors well done the concept and love the dragon and the dagger

when cell phones attackFunny when cell phones attack
Member reactions:

Wao... the cell phone hurts too.... limit the usage or else the extra apps will erupt to kill you great chop love the concept of the robotic hands and the Eye... good one
Awesome poster. Paul Ross film. Congrats on the silver, robin.
Nice work, it has a nostalgic feel. bronze congrats.
Excellent work done. Congrats on the bronze.

Antique Cell PhonesFunny Antique Cell Phones - The history of mobile phones as we know them started with the introduction of Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, which was the first cell phone offered commercially in 1984. It was a huge brick-like phone which measured 10 inches (not including its flexible "rubber duck" whip antenna), weighed 28 ounces and cost $3,995 ($9209 in present-day terms). Motorola paid $20m (almost $50m in today's money) to 20th Century Fox to promote DynaTAC 8000X as Gordon Gekko's phone in "Wall Street" (1987). After that the sales of DynaTAC 8000X skyrocketed and doubled Motorola's annual revenue. Photoshop antique cell phones, or give the modern mobile phones the antique look.

Cell Phone WeaponsFunny Cell Phone Weapons - On one of the Oprah's recent shows, she had a piece with Dr. Oz where he explained that cell phones kill more people each year than any guns and weapons. How? Besides cellphones allegedly raising risks of cancer, talking on cell phones over 4 hours a day has been linked to headaches, higher blood pressure, insomnia, depression, and even strokes. But the worst, deadly, use of cell phones comes from texting and talking while driving, as well as pedestrian talking while crossing streets - the number of accidents caused by such cell phone use is higher than from DUI in some states. In other words, cell phones can be more dangerous than weapons, so be careful about how long you use them as well as where you use them. Stay safe! To raise public awareness on how dangerous cell phones can be, combine any weapons with cell phones.

Phone HeadsFunny Phone Heads - An international panel of scientific experts said that cell phones should be considered a possible cause of brain cancer, according to media reports on Tuesday. The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a press release last week announcing that its International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) was classifying radiofrequency electromagnetic fields emitted by wireless phones as a possible carcinogen. The announcement came as a working group of 31 scientists from around the world met this week in Lyons, France, to determine whether cell phone emissions could cause cancer. To raise awareness of negative effects of cell phones on the human head, photoshop people with their heads replaced with cell phones.

Obama PhoneFunny Obama Phone - Photoshop this Obama phone image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: Making Obama hold some other objects, putting other politicians and celebrities in the Obama phone picture, putting Obama and the Nobel Committee man into some new environment, re-designing the White House phone, using this Obama phone image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Image credit: Pete Souza / United States Government Work.

How to Recycle Cell PhonesFunny How to Recycle Cell Phones - As people are changing their cell phones for latest models, there's a growing problem of what to do with the old cell phones. In most states it is illegal to just throw away cell phones, due to environmental harm (especially due to old nickel cadmium batteries which are highly toxic). Legal ways to dispose cell phones are usually giving it to charities (who then give the phones to poor people in other countries) or to special cell phone collection centers (e.g. Verizon Wireless Hopeline) which are paid to recycle cell phones. Does an old cell phone really have to be trashed? Your mission is to see if you can recycle them and put them to use for something other than the trash bin. Photoshop new uses for these old cell phones. Here's a good example.

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