A Portrait Of Phil
A Portrait Of Phil
A Portrait Of Phil.

Funny Phil Collins

Phil Collins
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Phil... looks funny with that Beer Belly..... It's the result of having excess beer beware of your sip
Awesome. A drumstick would fit perfect in his empty hand. A drumstick to eat or one to drum with.

Funny Phil Mickelson Gets A Birdie

Phil Mickelson Gets A Birdie
Not easy putting a shotgun in Phil's hands and creating a bent arm and elbow. Try it.Golfer shoots goose on course Source

Funny The Little Drummer Boy Phil Collins

The Little Drummer Boy Phil Collins

Funny Phil Collins Caricature Playing Drums

Phil Collins Caricature Playing Drums
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Member reactions:
Excuse my French but this is blanking awesome. I can hear the freaking symbols.
Total freaking brilliance here. I love this caricature and Oscar, Beatles, and Swiss references here.
Congratulations on the Gold Salis, another beautiful creation
Gold congrats, Master S. Well deserved as usual.
Good stuff on the win mate.... well done..
Love it. Congrads. How are you weathering the storm over there, my friend. I have been glued to CNN and FOX. They are saying the national TV is reporting flowers and friggin sunshine, not even showing downtown. Crippers, man. Bad a Miloslovitch
Love his face expression, the bg is great I used too in one of my old works High quality work, love it.
And congrats for the gold, I forgot to say
thanx alot everyone, hit: actually things started to get better, ( I guess ) the people said their word : No for Mubarak .. he should leave and leave now ( not till the end of his term) .. the new government is started to put things in place and gave the Protesters the right to stay and allowed the international networks to come in. lots of bad things happened the last few days at the downtown,but i think it's over ( as the new prime minister said ) any way, hoping for the best..
Congrats on the win, Salis. As a bonus you get a free ticket to the Phil Collins tour.
Really clean work, especially the lighting and shadows. Thanks for posting the sources too. Top notch.
Excellent, Salis. It did look like a rather calm day

Funny Phil Collins in Recording Studio

Phil Collins in Recording Studio
Member reactions:
cooooool ^^ nice work

Funny Phil Collins in the Air Tonight

Phil Collins in the Air Tonight
Congratulations to mr Collins
Member reactions:
. Maybe it should be 'Up' in the Air Tonight.
Cute chop
One of my favorites in the contest. Hilarious, clever and cute at the same time.

Funny Phil Collins Old Man

Phil Collins Old Man
Hope you like it
Member reactions:
Twisted caricature with character here.
Nice work B4B.. I guess he can fly with those ears .. fly fly Phil

Funny Marilyn Monroe and Phil Collins

Marilyn Monroe and Phil Collins
Two dreams of Phil: 1:have more hair(tv guide 1987) 2:Give a hug Marilyn(billboard 1992) this is my gift to you Phil.
Member reactions:
Beautiful work. And I have those same 2 dreams every night.
he he he .... if you want I also can realize
Real clean work, looks like a genuine photo

Funny Phil Collins Lolipop Kid

Phil Collins Lolipop Kid
Member reactions:
Now this is funny........ this is a chop.
cool work... love the expression on his face....
Always thought he had a bit of a Munchkin look about him.
He makes a great leprechaun. great stuff. Not sure how the spaceship is connected though
Newsey, I see some remains of that Iron Curtain. Maybe the Wizard of Oz is an American thing and too obscure for an international audience. The green spaceship is representational of the emerald city And like MrMo2 said, phill reminds one of a munchkin hahahah Lolipop kids were 3 munchkins that sang a song to Dorothy welcoming her to Munchkin Land, a territory under the governorship of OZ
Should have known this was you. Congrats.
Yeah, this is classic hitspinner about 15-20 source pics, maybe 25 layers 5 -6 hours, done in a satirically dry and apparently obscure humor with a touch of illustrator's compositional eye. hahahahah Does that define it. I dunno it sounds lofty enough hahahahahah Well, it looks like this CRT needs emergency care because it looks like somebody threw too much bleach in the wash. Its all hazy and faded in spite of trying to calibrate. I have had some continuing trouble so this might be the end. You guys(fans) might have a little wait before the next chop. Sorry bout that. I can still field your emails, there is still that much definition, but color imaging.... nada chance Cheers gang
Great work...I love how you made his face expression and that curly hair it looks so lovely I like it a lot. My congrats..
his face expression tells u for sure that he won't share his Lollipop. grrr.. nice work Wiseman
Congrats on the wood, Hits. and I know Wizard of Oz very well but saw no leprechauns nor starships there
Think of it as a 22nd century rewrite hahahahahaha Instead of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" The theme song would be, "Some Hair, Over my Eyebrows"

Funny Phil Collins

Phil Collins
British pop singer-songwriter and drummer Phil Collins celebrated his 60 birthday yesterday. In the 1970s and 1980s, you could hardly escape his music. Collins has been hugely popular - with 100 million solo records sold and another 150 million with the rock band Genesis. With seven Grammys, two Golden Globes and an Oscar for a hit single in Disney’s "Tarzan" under his belt, Phil Collin's career has been diverse. Here are some interesting facts about Phil Collins: * First started drumming after getting a kit for Christmas when he was just five years old. * He continues to live in Switzerland despite divorcing his Swiss third wife Orianne Cevey, so he can be close to their two sons. * Collins is a huge hit with the black community - the world's biggest urban stars clamoured to perform renditions of his tracks on 2001's Urban Renewal, including Brandy, Lil' Kim and Kelis. * Collins can only play the drums now if he tapes his sticks to his hands - because years of playing have damaged the nerves in his spine. * He was an extra in The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night - one of hundreds of screaming teenagers during the TV concert. And here's a quote from Phil Collins: "You know, a song is like a kid. You bring it up. And sometimes something you thought was going to be fantastic, by the time it's finished, is a bit of a disappointment." Happy 60th Birthday, Phil! To mark the 60th birthday of Phil Collins, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil, full name Phillip Calvin McGraw, has turned 60-years-old today. Best known for his television show 'Dr Phil', McGraw began his entertainment career with a series of appearances on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' in the late 1990s. As well as being a television personality, Dr Phil is also an author and psychologist with most of his work being aimed at topics such as weight loss, and relationships. He has penned thirteen self-help books so far, with titles that include 'Life Strategies: Doing What Works, Doing What Matters', 'The Relationship Rescue Workbook' - and his latest release, 2006's 'Love Smart: Find the One You Want - Fix the One You Got'. UPDATE: Media bashed Dr. Phil today when the news leaked he planned and rehearsed his own surprise birthday party to broadcast it on his show. According to "National Enquirer", Dr. Phil enlisted his wife Robin to host the surprise party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. He even practiced his "shocked look" for when he walked into the room. To mark the 60th birthday of Dr. Phil, photoshop him any way you wish.

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