Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps. Member reactions:
Outstanding photoshop work, mrassad. Congrats on the Gold.
The moment I saw this I knew it would be tough to beat. Congratulations on a well-deserved gold Mister A.
Beautiful work..well put together and great caricature..well deserved winner
Congrats mrassad, Top Pic, really a Good One.😉
Thanks everyone for your votes and comments..

Funny Golden Age of Michael Phelps

Golden Age of Michael Phelps
Member reactions:
excellent work... on the water spills and the age
It is just joke. We love and respect Michael.

Funny Phelps Had A Nitemare

Phelps Had A  Nitemare
Micheal Phelps with James Guy and Ryan Lochte. 2016 Olympics
Member reactions:
Good chop but he has the London 2012 medal around his neck...
Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I really didn't even take notice.
He's almost melting hahahahahaha. I like the pool rules Sounds like my kind of place. Nicely done, Las
Yes Luciano but hobbit90 writes "2016 Olympics" in the image description

Funny Michael Phelps and Genevieve Morton

Michael Phelps and Genevieve Morton

Funny Fat Michael Phelps

Fat Michael Phelps

Funny Michael Phelps Wearing Flipper Hands

Michael Phelps Wearing Flipper Hands
Member reactions:
Excellent way to show his medal with the flipper hands, great job on chopping his hands as flipper and very good with the details.... love this
Champion is here.. But I guess he is Doping guy
Flawless work. Congrats on the silver too, Pix.

Funny Michael Phelps in a Water Bed

Michael Phelps in a Water Bed
Member reactions:
... i could really see a water bed ... this would be the real water bed and Olympics fever is not over yet, its after effects still prevail.... great job using the water and putting over the bed

Funny Michael Phelps Imodium Endorsement

Michael Phelps Imodium Endorsement
he does ads worth millions....who knows maybe even acting down the road.
Member reactions:
Innovative way to show of this Ad.. Good job done and clever idea and great caricatured head
Fan-freaking-tastic. Congrats on the wood, Robin.

Funny Michael Phelps Eating Cookies

Michael Phelps Eating Cookies
Medalists are taxed a huge amount per medal, especially for gold. Cookies would not only incur less taxes, but also give the olympian a delicious treat.
Member reactions:
This is really a cool idea to replace cookies with medals at least they have have a bite of it ...
Nice cookie,Dookie ... Congrats on the theme post.

Funny Michael Phelps in 2012

Michael Phelps in 2012
Phelps Makes Announcement 2012 Olympics SEO 'should begin now'
Member reactions:
Phelps creates a Tsunami with his Brain Waves.
This is awesome. I would want a poster of this if I liked the sport of swimming
Thanks all We were talking about water FX in the forum and thought I'd mess with some.
Spectacular water work. Open brain with a glow is a nice touch
I would have bet a few credits that this was the gold in this contest. Great chops as always, pro quality.
Goat: http://www.freakingnews.com/stories/thread.asp.cid=191&eid=83435

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