Large Pets
Large Pets
Large Pets. Member reactions:
This one sure gets the "cute" trophy hahahahah I had a cat named Elvis that looked just like that tabby

Funny Pet Overload

Pet Overload

Funny Hybrid pets

Hybrid pets
Member reactions:
I really thought this one would grab a cup. It is excellent.
Thanks guys. when I finished I really wanted the chicken dog for real

Funny Scuba Diver Petting a Little Whale

Scuba Diver Petting a Little Whale
Do to over fishing and pollution, our oceans have drastically changed. Less feeder fish and plankton are found causing species to adapt for survival. Hench, the Sperm Whale has reduced it's size greatly.

Funny Vladimir Putin and His Pet Dinosaur

Vladimir Putin and His Pet Dinosaur

Funny Napoleon Feeding his Pet Dinosaur

Napoleon Feeding his Pet Dinosaur

Funny Girl Holding her Pet Owl in an Old Painting

Girl Holding her Pet Owl in an Old Painting

Funny Little Child With Her Pet Owl Portrait

Little Child With Her Pet Owl Portrait
Member reactions:
Very clean work. One of the contest's best
Xlent, Hobbit. pro job and deserves a cup
It's beautiful. I love how her facial expression really seems to transform here.

Funny Little Girl's Pet Bird Struck by Lightning

Little Girl's Pet Bird Struck by Lightning

Funny Michael Jackson's Pet Brian Williams

Michael Jackson's Pet Brian Williams
Member reactions:

Funny Exotic Pets

Exotic Pets
Many people choose to have exotic pets these days - they range from rare and expensive animals, to ordinary animals that hardly fit pet roles or are not native to the owner's location. If you think about getting an exotic critter for yourself, make sure to check whether your state laws allow this particular animal. Such laws were designed to protect people from potential harm caused by such pets (you probably won't be too pleased if your neighbors get a bunch of grizzly bears as pets who can one day can attack you), and to protect many endangered species from being caught and sold. Photoshop exotic pets and their owners together (playing, walking, etc.). You can either use existing animals (including birds or insects) or create new species. Try to make your chops photo-realistic like in the themepost by Mandrak.

Funny Mini Pets

Mini Pets
Remember Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell? Women like mini pets more and more. Probably because mini pets look like toys, it's easier to play with them and to carry them around. In this contest you are asked to make mini pets by shrinking them and making them smaller than their "regular size". Any pets are allowed - e.g. mini dogs, mini cats, mini cows... mini mice... Wait, mice are already mini!? Then make them even smaller!

Funny Bling-bling Pets

Bling-bling Pets
A recent survey from UCLA found that 20% of pet owners spend spend more on their pets than on their kids. Such is the case of Gail Posner, who bequeathed $3 million and her $7 mil Miami Beach mansion to her three dogs, but only $1 mil to her only son. Staff members received a collective $25 million to care for the dogs - keeping the dogs in custom Cartier collars, doggie spa days and fancy cars. Lucky dogs! Take any pets (or animals) and give them some bling-bling, show pets living a luxury life.

Funny Pet Costumes

Pet Costumes
January 14 is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Since we at FreakingNews care for animal welfare, we like you to give your pet (or any animal) a digital make over. After all, they are man's best friend and deserve it. Start up your editing programs and create the perfect attire for animals. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is stylish enough for your pet's good taste and remember: "No animals were hurt during the process of this all" In recognition of National Dress Up Your Pet Day, dress up pets or any animals. Thanks to Doxieone for the themepost image and the inspiration :)

Funny Ugly Pets

Ugly Pets
A cross between a Chihuahua and a Chinese crested has had the dubious honour of being crowned the world's ugliest dog in a competition in northern California. The winner, Yoda, was found abandoned behind an apartment building, and her owner says at first she thought it was an overgrown rat. Your mission is to create some ugly pets today by whatever means you choose - from simple uglification to total anatomical transformation to cross-breeding.

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