Paris Hilton Holding a Petroleum Jelly HandBag
Paris Hilton Holding a Petroleum Jelly HandBag
Paris Hilton Holding a Petroleum Jelly HandBag. Paris' motto. "Be prepared."
Member reactions:
Very funny. Paris seems to be a tiny bit blurry though when compared to her vaseline purse. I LOVE the addition of "Industrial Size"....
Many people go to Paris to feel the fashion

Funny The Planet of Petroleum

The Planet of Petroleum

Funny British Petroleum

British Petroleum
Yesterday was the two-month "anniversary" of the BP oil platform explosion which has turned into the ongoing oil contamination catastrophe for The Gulf of Mexico. BP's initial reaction days after the explosion was to cover the facts - their official statement said that they had the situation "under control" and that "despite the explosion, very little oil had leaked". The saddest part is that despite all the efforts and promises from British Petroleum, two months later they still did not seal the leak and did not cleanup the spilled oil that is so massive that it's visible even from space as a huge spot on our planet. The oil from the well continues to leak into the gulf at the rate of 12,000-19,000 barrels a day (about 400,000 to 600,000 gallons a day). BP blamed their cleanup failures on the "rough seas and the tea-like consistency of the oil". The U.S. government promised to help BP combat the oil leak by "employing booms, skimmers, chemical dispersants and controlled burns". Let us give BP a hand by photoshopping ideas to fix the oil leak and clean the gulf. Here's a good example by RickyT01aolcom and another good example by crusader234. Can we fix it? Yes we can!

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