The Persistence Nun
The Persistence Nun
The Persistence Nun . It's Deja Vu, all over again.
Member reactions:
The evil nun works well with Dali's Persistence. Nicely done, SplatShot.

Funny The Persistence of Lithium

The Persistence of Lithium
Member reactions:
Congrats on a second win, very nice work.

Funny Surreal Persistence of Time

Surreal Persistence of Time
Member reactions:
I Like the mask idea . I finally explored Flaming Pear and the "Flood" filter. It was like Christmas at Hitspinner's . I have always taken the long way to produced water effects. This is stunning. Sold me totally
Dali meets photoshop. I love how you nade a natural transition here from reality to painting and back with that woman's figure.
Silver congrats, Funkmeister. Had no idea this was yours.
Congratulations. I voted lower than this chop deserved-oops.
Congrats, Funkwood. Doesn't get much better than this. I'm sure Dali would have tipped his at in appreciation...
Great work as always funk … Congrats on the Silver. Not a whole lot of time to chop for me these days, it was nice to get one in … especially after all the inspiration you and others have been providing. This one was definitely a nod in your direction and I was glad that you didn't comment until the end to keep folks guessing.

Funny Dali's Persistence of Memory Undone

Dali's Persistence of Memory Undone
It isnt right.
Member reactions:
Nope not right. Why would any in their right mind steal such obviously broken clocks... 2 cool

Funny The Persistence of Memory with John Kerry as Dali

The Persistence of Memory with John Kerry as Dali
Member reactions:
Dali English Reborn might be his 2nd innings
Adorable.. Best idea and Very well execution. Super cool expression I just Love it
Very relevant to the current state of affairs, excellent.

Funny Persistence of Salvador Dali

Persistence of Salvador Dali
Member reactions:
Incredible.. Great chop. Is this the fabled “Escalator (stairway) to Heaven". Does time exist in heaven (or the other place). Do you attribute any particular significance to the fire hydrants. Do they allude to the 1984 fire in his bedroom.
Since Dali tried to commit suicide by fire, I figured the hydrants are fitting.
Masters Job. Liked it very much very beautifully done
I guess those escalator connects present and past by the Time machine up there, very well done
elevator to the time is really a great chop to think like this very clever work like the clouds in the background
i never knew about the suicide attempt.. great work... congratulation rain
Hydrants = "Fruit juice everywhere, not one drop to fill me".. This is inspirational, seriously inspirational. I want a new contest NOW so I can try something like this (I'll fail; but I wanna try.) ... Who knew Dali was a supermodel. So many great things -- I LOVE the coloration of the suit. I LOVE the palette. I LOVE the escalator ... is that another Dali in the reflection on the side of the escalator. This is great work ... Thank you for creating it.

Funny The Persistence of Chess by Dali

The Persistence of Chess by Dali
Member reactions:
Luv it. Dali would like it too, me thinks.

Funny The persistence of Globes by Dali

The persistence of Globes by Dali
Member reactions:
You can't go wrong with choosing Dali source. Good job here

Funny Rembrandt Peal Persistence

Rembrandt Peal Persistence
Rembrandt's Peale, been taken off air on of late
Member reactions:
I believe the rules stated that the main picture had to be photoshopped. Not just unaltered with text.
Remmyniscent of other chops now let me try and remember, where did I see them all. Have we had a Remmy contest yet.

Funny Salvador Dali's The Persistence of Pizza

Salvador Dali's The Persistence of Pizza
Member reactions:
I like dali as well. Like your take on this one. Only critique I might offer is the observation that the pizzas' are glossy(like the original Dali), but the background has far to much speckle and does not blend with your pizzas.
Creative. Congratulations on the silver, mrmo2.

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