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Funny Perfume Pictures

Tom Cruise`s New PerfumeFunny Tom Cruise`s New Perfume
Member reactions:

Face slightly too far over, and too faded, would be better with more definition.
Contrast and Brightness is more over the face, need some fixing
Why are the facial details so faint. I am wondering if the opacity wasn't 100% I this happens do duplicate layers until it looks OK. Layers can go faint even at 100%. It can also happen when you flatten the image, I click ctrl E to flatten one layer down at a time.

Danica Patrick STP PerfumeFunny Danica Patrick STP Perfume
Member reactions:

Bob Dylan PerfumeFunny Bob Dylan Perfume
Member reactions:

Lady Gaga Meat PerfumeFunny Lady Gaga Meat Perfume
Member reactions:

the smell of meat in the smells Great work.
I agree with Carl here, great meat chop sun, congrats
Carl, sounds very passionate what you say Thank you so much Paul, Salis..
Clean work with clever concept behind it. Congrats on the silver, Sunshine.
Many thanks Newsy, I am glad you like it

Lady Gaga PerfumeFunny Lady Gaga Perfume
Member reactions:

The new fragance of Lady Gaga... Fire Spark...
at the car lighter plugins. Congrats Mark
Very creative and well done, congrats on the cup..
Congrats on the wood, Mark. A work of art here.

Amy Winehouse Flush Perfume AdvertFunny Amy Winehouse Flush Perfume Advert
Member reactions:

Gross perfume Fabulous chopping work. How much does it sell for.
...great satire and artistic talent. Congrats Salis
thank you guys.. newsy, don't you dare giving me your bonuses, I skip this time
The perfume you won't forget Intense smelling chop , congrats on the cup master.
Congrats on the win, Salis. No bonus for you this time, 'cause this perfume STINKS.
It's like usual. Just a few pictures and an excellent work . Bravo Salis .

Barbara Striesand  PerfumeFunny Barbara Striesand Perfume
Member reactions:

Tear sheet. Vintage , The should have been Perfume.

Oprah`s PerfumeFunny Oprah`s Perfume
Member reactions:

Oprah's Perfume

Perfume by Ellen DegeneresFunny Perfume by Ellen Degeneres
Member reactions:

Perfume by Ellen
Hahaha, the perfume name is a genius creation.

Jennifer Lopez PerfumeFunny Jennifer Lopez Perfume
Member reactions:

j-Whole playtime fragramce ( my bed or yours)
Thanx geriatic, I apprecaite the comment. Everyone feel free to comment, have a great Weekend everyone
hi everyone hope you enjoy my design... please bring in those votes and feel free to comment and let me know what you think i'd really appreciate it very much hope your having a great weekend....
Congratulations-much improved image. Keep on choppin'.
Thanks I've done pretty.good upto now but will get better
You should try to get better with your voting as well, I noticed you voted 1's on the other 35 images in this contest. I'm sure you want people to vote fairly on your work, and you should do the same.
Thanks I'm looking better in all aspect in contest voting comment and my work it's self hope you like my future work
Hahaha, the bottle shape is really a cherry on top here.
Glad you liked it newsmaster Hope you like my future designs Im working to improve my as a graphic designer

Celebrity PerfumesFunny Celebrity Perfumes - The commercial for Justin Bieber's perfume for ladies, "Someday", is making a lot of buzz. The commercial opens on a beautiful blond who sprays herself with Someday. Then, from out of nowhere, Bieber appears in her bedroom. The two are lifted into the sky, where they float in a loving embrace above all of the other, less smelly girls. They come back down to Earth where Bieber departs, but not before kissing the perfumed lady on the neck and brushing the hair from her eyes. According to the perfume's YouTube channel, Bieber created the scent "to give fans a personal invitation and intimate access to his heart. It's a fragrance he can't get enough of and canít stay away from, making those who wear it irresistible." Design a perfume created by any celebrity or politician.

Celebrity PerfumesFunny Celebrity Perfumes - "Celebrity Perfumes" is a trending topic on twitter for over two days. People are twitting about perfumes that would come out under different celebrity names. Some perfumes are quite entertaining: "Sorry 2009" by Chris Brown, "Iron Chin" By Rihanna, "Bathroom Secret" by George Michael, and others. Take any celebrity (or politician) and photoshop what perfume would come out their name. You can create a brand new celebrity perfume or help twitter community by photoshopping some perfumes they have come up with.

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