Fat Perez Hilton
Fat Perez Hilton
Fat Perez Hilton. Famous celebrity critic getting a dose
Member reactions:
that is one gross looking dude, hahaha. nice.
Laughing my arss off those nipples making me high
From the few comments, I am wondering if anyone knows who this guy is. No loss at all if you don't
Great job, but I would not use the pimples. Numerous nips are a great idea
Nope, never seen the guy and never heard of him either, but i am quesing he had it coming . great chopping as usual, hits, and congrats.
No idea who he/she/it is, but definitely gross (ha). Congrats on the Bronze.
Excellent. Thanks for the votes and comments. I thought he was pretty well known for his endless efforts to destroy the credibility of celebrities. Frankly he just this week turned up on my radar on a few threads on facebook so I decided to dish out a little. Sorry about the zits, Newsy, I thought they would be perfect for representing juvenile behavior, which is his shtick The puppy rows are pretty self explanatory hehe

Funny Perez Hilton Fueding with Lady Gaga

Perez Hilton Fueding with Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga on Perez Hilton feud: I asked him to leave me alone.
Member reactions:
Entertaining story, and even more entertaining chop - love it.
Preeeeeeeeemememe cutie. Fun stuff. Nice to see you post again. Congrats on the cup
nice one here. congrats on the bronze Pre.

Funny Perez Hilton With Black Eye

Perez Hilton With Black Eye
news article
Member reactions:
how about black eyed sleeze. just a thought. GORGEOUS WORK.
It's a beauty, no matter how you call it. Love it.
great chop, I only wish you had driven a spike through his head.
Congrats. This was an awesome piece of work LoL
It's always the one's that you don't think is a winner. Thanx guys.
Congrats on the gold, Slixta. Nice to see you on #1 spot again.
Oooooooooooooooooh Poor Perez. I love that pic. Great job ..

Funny Perez Hilton Wanted Poster

Perez Hilton Wanted Poster

Funny Perez Hilton with Mouth Eyes

Perez Hilton with Mouth Eyes

Funny Perez Hilton in Alice in Wonderland

Perez Hilton in Alice in Wonderland
Member reactions:
Funny, but the dog is so blurry it looks like a ghost

Funny Perez Hilton in Pillory

Perez Hilton in Pillory
This dude doesn't even make a good girl.
Member reactions:
, lot to take in eh. , i like it. The "guy" on the book with the tree, yuk yuk
oopsee, I dont think it's a tree on the book, it looks like a hand holding a guy.

Funny Perez Hilton Karma

Perez Hilton Karma
Source Perez Hilton wrote on a photo of Michael Jackson "Heart attack or cold feet." He posted explicit photos of Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance. He's outed many celebrities. Also likes to put rude drawings and words on photos. He yelled anti-gay slurs against Wll.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas and got punched in the face.
Member reactions:
I like the way you did write "jerk." in Perez style. He guy does have a talent to write satirically and interestingly, but his personal views are way too personal sometimes. His affection for Lady Gaga makes me wonder if he got paid a little fortune to promote her.
Clean chop and underrated in my humble opinion

Funny Perez Hilton and Carrie Prejean

Perez Hilton and Carrie Prejean
Perez Hilton and Carrie Prejean make peace.Carrie has become perez's new f*g hag,and she is exploring her true l*sbian side.Lady GaGa is none to pleased to be replaced by prejean,but carrie thinks GaGa is hot,so they might hook up.
Member reactions:
Interesting composition. Pity it's a bit blurry

Funny Perez Hilton in Beauty Pagent

Perez Hilton in Beauty Pagent
Member reactions:
HoHouse. Cool concept, but the face color needs a better match with the rest of the body.

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