Woman Drinking Pepsi Bismol
Woman Drinking Pepsi Bismol
Woman Drinking Pepsi Bismol. Member reactions:
Good job on her face, best seller for lady gaga.
If Pree can enter freaky Bee babies I can do puke. I made the mouth really small as a homage and wink to her Thanks for the comments Newsey, Luciano, Evirio, Balodiya, Eric, And Hobbit
Congrads on the Silver cup, should have been Lohan face, drink and puke. Lovely Hits
Very nasty in a good way.. Congrats Hits..
Hitspinner, she is just so darn cute. Congrats on the win, love it.
Congrats Hits. Hey--I saw Newsy's note congratulating you for turning 60 on March 12. Guess what. I also turned 60 on March 12. Which means that we were born on precisely the same day in history. Whaddya know.
Thanks Slixter. LC, that is wild..... How cool... I think I clocked on at 7:15 AM, Coral Gables Florida. I apparently never cried but haven't shut up since Congratulations are in order to you as well.. Happy belated. , I have met others born on Mar 12th but not the same age. THAT is unique and considerably more rare. Hehe so cool.

Funny New Oil Cans of Pepsi

New Oil Cans of Pepsi

Funny Coke VS Pepsi

Coke VS Pepsi
re-edit after Newsy's and Ho's comment..thanks for the hints..
Member reactions:
VERY clever composition. One minor nitpick - the girl seems horizontally stretched now.
Good job small comment hair clone back of hat
thanks guys..i think this my best yet..took hours, but it was hours of fun...so all worth it..your comments make me smile too...
Top job in my book and I worked for Coke once, Yes I'm a Cocaholic. We are number one. Keep up the good work.
Nice work, concratz on the bronze and thanks again for the nice comments
Congrats on the bronze Goat, I thought your chop would score higher. Great concept and beautifully executed. Truly a brilliant chop. Keep up the awesome work..
Go Pepsi-knock the taste outa' Coke. Funny chop.
thanks all, thought the chops that beat me had alot of work in them too..just proud to come 3rd...as hohouse said to me..its a long way to the top if you wanna rock'n'roll... well, just happy to be showing my stuff with the best artists in the world..thanks again all, your the best..goat

Funny Pepsi Presidential Postage Stamp

Pepsi Presidential Postage Stamp
If there's another spot to stick kitschy Americana on a 3/4" by 1" surface, I certainly haven't found it.
Member reactions:
Excellent work. Pepsi would have to pay gazillions for dollars for this stamp to be approved

Funny Pepsi Cola Classic

Pepsi Cola Classic

Funny Pepsi Coca Cola

Pepsi Coca Cola
I think someone's going to get in trouble..
Member reactions:
Cool. Do I see Freaking News letters in the can blue background.

Funny Snow Monkeys Drinking Pepsi

Snow Monkeys Drinking Pepsi
Member reactions:
Lol I love this source pic, I did one years ago (When first starting chops) using bud bottles, Great job
Pepsi, could use you in their ad department, .

Funny Coca-Cola Arrests Pepsi

Coca-Cola Arrests Pepsi
Member reactions:
Congratulations on the silver, Twister. Gld this one made the top three.

Funny Pepsi Santa Poster

Pepsi Santa Poster
view full please

Funny Pepsi Fried Egg Advertising

Pepsi Fried Egg Advertising
More cola related egginess
Member reactions:
That couldn't look more real. Nicely done.

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