Wall Street Pepper Spraying
Wall Street Pepper Spraying
Wall Street Pepper Spraying. "In so may words."
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Funny Pepper Spraying People

Pepper Spraying People
Spraying is the new thing now

Funny Uncle Sam Pepper Spraying

Uncle Sam Pepper Spraying
"Liberty is a frail thing if you don't nurture, and defend it with all your might."

Funny New Police Pepper Spray Advert

New Police Pepper Spray Advert
UC Davis Pepper Spray, Smear Tactics: 'Occupy' Protests Face Rougher Response
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I am a 99%er , The security cops that did this should be peppered sprayed the by the innocent people who want to make a change in this ignorant world of goverment coruption ,for the better ....
Chili, as long as you '99%'ers' insist on insisting that your ARE actually 99% of Americans (you are NOT, and you are liars when you say you are) you drive away otherwise sympathetic people. The TEA Party consists of REAL Americans who understand and value the Constitution, and seek to restore it's values. This Owwie movement is far-LeftLibProgg, neo-Marxist, pro-Statist and isn't compatible with our little Republic's founding principles. Owwies should stand down before things get rougher than they can possibly imagine; things that, being the overly spoiled little children that they are, will hurt them. See: Egypt, today. Arab 'Spring' is now Arab Bloody, and it'll get much worse soonest. The TEA Party succeeded (recall the '10 midterm 'Shellacking'.); lets these mindless Owwie morons effect change at the ballot box without using these stupidish theatrics.

Funny Monster Pepper

Monster Pepper
Earth belongs to us, humans.
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I only roasted some of these the other nt...tasty. Good job.
Thank you Disasterman, Ricky... Kellie yes, indeed roasted peppers are very tasty
Lots of thanks Carl, Raje I appreciate your comments.
I'm in love with this chop. Can you get me the pumpkin's phone number.
Thank you Sams...Newsy, phone number secret
where are the people being attacked.. just saying
Congratulations. Just noticed where the fire was...ouch-ouch-ouch. Cute chop.
Interesting place to stand, as in over a fire.... Congrats Sunshin3
Piccasso people are more than attacked, they are destroyed Lots of thanks Paul, Geriatric, Xaos, DD, Rainman
Thank you so much Salis, guess I had some luck there were many great entries .
Congrats on the silver. Everybody knows that to grow tall and healthy, veggies need some Sunshine.
Boulpix, Newsy and Ricky thank you my friends...and Newsy you are right

Funny Chili Pepper Scorpions

Chili Pepper Scorpions
Weapons of Mass Discomfort for crowd control. Probably not very effective against people who like really spicy food. Every pepper handmade using my own Photoshop automation warping software. Some source peppers are in the picture.

Funny Hot Pepper Pistol

Hot Pepper Pistol
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Finally the favorite gun of Nikola Tesla was found. Splendid work.
HA. The HITS just keep coming-really nice work.
that's amazing teacher ,great blend and idea , congrats on the silver
Fantastic, FW. Great imagination. Congrats.
I loved this at firest sight. That's a real Rube Goldberg whatchacallit
This is first Rate. Nice Chop............

Funny Pepper Killer

Pepper Killer

Funny Chili Peppers with Faces

Chili Peppers with Faces

Funny One Step From the Hot Chili Pepper

One Step From the Hot Chili Pepper
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