Pennywise Pumpkin
Pennywise Pumpkin
Pennywise Pumpkin. Not sure I'd want to trick or treat at this place.
Member reactions:
Pennywise Pumpkin patch instead of balloons hahahah
Amazing job as always, LunaC. Deserves a cup too.
Sweet, a bit surprised that this one scored so low.

Funny Pennywise Pope

Pennywise Pope
He's such a nice, friendly man, it was sorta hard to make him look evil. Please view FULL SIZE
Member reactions:
Excellent work. As a Stephan King fan,I had the same idea. But I am glad that I went for something different.
Full size is brilliant. Now that's a Bad Man.
Great job on the face. But shouldn't his hat be on (not under) his hair.
Maybe. But when I took the hat away, it didn't look like the Pope...and when I took the hair away, it didn't look like Pennywise. So I figured he could be like Bozo the clown--bald on top with lots of bushy hair on the sides.
AMAZING.. when i grow up, i want to be like you..
Boy, he looks better then the real one who played IT, was one of my favorite movies.Congrats.....
Congrats on the Gold, LunaC. So much detail, the cracked skin, evil eye, dirty teeth, and that brow. Wouldn't want to meet him in a dark confessional booth.
Bichin, LC. I love it. Congrats and well deserved

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