Penny debbie Wasserman Schultzwise
Penny debbie Wasserman Schultzwise
Penny debbie Wasserman Schultzwise. Member reactions:
I'd hate to run into her in a dark alley.

Funny Little Penny

Little Penny
Member reactions:
Color and contrast perfectly matched. Great job Manosart. Well deserved win.
A charming father and son duo Lol. Marvelous and entertaining chop, Manosart. Gold Congrats.
Congrats on your win, Love that Baby, good pic.🏆

Funny A Penny For Penny!

A Penny For Penny!
Member reactions:
Awesome job with great color. The penny snack, perfect.

Funny Lipstick on a Pence

Lipstick on a Pence
Member reactions:
This is so darn cute, thought it would win.

Funny Pence Accepts GOP Nom

Pence Accepts GOP Nom
Pence Accepts GOP Nom Pence looks like the Doc Savage,American pulp magazine hero during the 1930s and 1940s.
Member reactions:
I never realized how much he does look like Doc Savage until I saw this. Now that's all I see when he's on tv. Ha. Well done.
Thanks Gummy, Luciano, Steve and Crafty. The second I say Pence a reflected back to Doc Savage. And Now I can't see him any other way either hahahahahah like a bad song that gets stuck in your head.
Good clean chop and caricature work, congrats on the win.
Grats on the win, Pence is a scary Born Again Christian; Trumps an idiot, he had a chance to out dignify all the others, he chose to shoot his mouth off. The two of them together scare the heck out of me.
Now Deaddog scares me, Great work and Comments.
Gold Congrats, Hit Spinner. A lot of muscles.
Thank you Bob, Andrew, Duane, DD and Champ. Here is a little secret I will let you all in on. 80% of Trump is just his mock-up of the social persona we expect from street savvy New Yorkers. It is a lot of bravado based on street bluster. It is not instability, it is merely a social form. Secondly, I believe he is a tiny bit autistic. He often repeats the emphatic words he says like a circuit loop that feeds back in his head. It doesn't make him anything other than sort of quirky and seem scattered. But he isn't scattered, he just thinks really fast and is constantly catching up to himself. That is likely the reason he repeats words and uses rudimentary vocabulary. It gives him chances to catch up. Autistics do this sort of circuit development in many different manifestations. From what I have read about his academic years, he quite likely really is a genius with an IQ over 160 and an aptitude for business that scores absurdly high as well. Essentially this man is very unusually wired. Dangerous... I don't think so, at least I hope not. The didderence between him and Hillary, Trump is a ruthless opportunist. Hillary is a career politician and is not passing the litmus test. However, we will be okay, just want you to know that. There are failsafe in the system and always the ultimate last resort if we find ourselves ruled by tyranny. Relax, pop a beer and we'll see how this mess plays out. Cheers

Funny Penny and Sally in the Living Room Digital Art

Penny and Sally in the Living Room Digital Art
Digital Art
Member reactions:
Very pretty drawing, but the character (yep even the cat) appear to be floating (shadows do not fit).

Funny A Pretty Penny

A Pretty Penny
Member reactions:
In God we trust for the beautiful creature he made Lovely and hot penny

Funny Barack Obama at an Outdoor Toilet with Penny Pritzker

Barack Obama at an Outdoor Toilet with Penny Pritzker
NY Times Downplays Former Obama Fundraiser Penny Pritzker's Problems
Member reactions:
Toilet aid is very funny to save a penny... good job done
Great work , but remember (shadows are important too )
see something streaming out down the Toilet

Funny Man on a Penny Farthing

Man on a Penny Farthing

Funny Still waiting for the Penny to Drop

Still waiting for the Penny to Drop
I'm waiting for the penny to drop to put the appropriate title to this pic and until then, I'll use Dali's quote -Just because it doesn't have a title doesn't mean it doesn't have a meaning -Dali.

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