Marilyn Manson Pendant
Marilyn Manson Pendant
Marilyn Manson Pendant. Member reactions:
Nice. Here's a family heirloom. You missed the chance of reusing the whole thing in the pendant on her/his/whatever chest.
Good composition. I'd add some shadows from his face/chin

Funny Mushroom Pendant

Mushroom Pendant

Funny Statues on Cameo Pendants

Statues on Cameo Pendants

Funny Liberty Bell Pendant

Liberty Bell Pendant

Funny Oil Spitting Lady Liberty Pendant

Oil Spitting Lady Liberty Pendant
Member reactions:
Fun idea
Good spoof on "as seen on TV" advertisements.

Funny 9/11 Heroes Pendant

9/11 Heroes Pendant
Never Forget
Member reactions:
Very interesting piece, but where it's attached to the backing, it looks odd. As tho it were just poorly scribbled over in ms paint.
Not bad but the texture may need adjustment.

Funny Nancy Pelosi Pendant

Nancy Pelosi Pendant
A custom made Pelosi Pendant...
Member reactions:
....I dunno why but looking that way she reminds me of the roadrunner.
Not bad. Adding a glitter over the the painted part would make it look more like jewelry though.

Funny The Pendant Digital Art

The Pendant Digital Art
It has something about it that catches my eye, maybe it will catch yours.
Member reactions:
This is nice. You should market it
Thanks for your comment Ricky, coming from a master causes my ego to swell. I always wondered what fractals are, all I did was to use a whole lot of filters and some paint.

Funny Emerald spider pendant

Emerald spider pendant
Hope her boyfriend doesn't suffer from arachnaphobia.
Member reactions:
perspective on the spider is off, and te shadows are a bit miscolored, and absent from her dress, it seems- otherwise cool; and a stunning model. Whats her name.

Funny mood pendant jewelry

mood pendant jewelry

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