Jack Russell Terrier Pencil Drawing
Jack Russell Terrier Pencil Drawing
Jack Russell Terrier Pencil Drawing. I cannot understand why the contest version is pixelated but full view is not. Please view Full version to see the pencil strokes. Thank you. This is a portrait of my Jack Russell Terrier.
Member reactions:
Nice job. Try a smaller image with less compression, you might be better off
Very well done. I especially love his eyes. You could try using a very sharp pencil or a pen or reducing the size, as suggested by RobbNewman.
I am going to work on this as too pixelated.
Thank you Admins for your help in replacing the pixelated version for me

Funny Beach House Pencil Sketch

Beach House Pencil Sketch
Hope ya like... Here's the Original Photo
Member reactions:
Great turning of the photo into art here, triplex.
Thank you guys. The secret... OMG sooo many layers.

Funny Pencil Escher Woman

Pencil Escher Woman
Member reactions:
The beauty at its best.... lovey chop with well use of lighting effects good mix of pencil effects
This paper cut layer is good idea and attractive placement of snails to the picture its got my attention with White colors shading over the pic, Nice work
TY kindly chaps....they do look like snails eric (that's what happens if you run Escher's 'Eye' through polar co-ordinates.)....come to think of it, that's what happens if you anything through polar co-ordinates.

Funny Kim Jong Un with a Pencil Up His Nose

Kim Jong Un with a Pencil Up His Nose

Funny Sumo Wrestler Pencil Eraser

Sumo Wrestler Pencil Eraser
Member reactions:
A great chop. I love the cleanliness and simplicity.

Funny Barack Obama Pencil Portrait

Barack Obama Pencil Portrait
view in Hi-Res sources
Member reactions:
Thanks for all of your input . . . I tried to make this more of a chop . . .
awesome work mate..i ues alot of filters and thats an art in itself..Just listen to them all and you'll be a rainman in no time...
Much better with the change of perspective. Good luck.
Thanks everyone, all your input and kudos are genuinely appreciated . . .
Made u wk for it, but in the end u produced a much better image. Kudos
Thanks Kellie . . . much happier with the end result, I do appreciate the shove in the right direction
Want to thank you as well deaddog and geriatric . . . and I'm happy now, that this chop didn't end up with 13 comments . . . (superstitious) (still wondering if anyone caught the red , white, and blue aspect.)

Funny Mona Lisa Pencil Drawing

Mona Lisa Pencil Drawing

Funny Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils
as the title says
Member reactions:
nice creativity ... never woulda thought.

Funny Frog Pencil Sharpener

Frog Pencil Sharpener

Funny Pencil Finger

Pencil Finger

Funny Pens & Pencils

Pens & Pencils
News from Cambridge this week - a priceless Zulu pen was stolen from Cambridge University Library. The pen was used to sign the Zulu Treaty which ended the war between Zulu tribes and the British, portrayed in the film "Zulu" with Michael Cane. Photoshop any types of pens, pencils, markers, crayons any way you like, or make the any objects or animals into the above types of pens. Some examples are: using monkey's tail as a quill pen, showing super-sized pencils used in architecture, merging pens and rockets, designing James Bond type of gadget pen.

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