Finger Eraser in a Pencil
Finger Eraser in a Pencil
Finger Eraser in a Pencil. Member reactions:
love the flaky skin, i so chew on my fingers.

Funny Pencil Chopsticks

Pencil Chopsticks

Funny Pencil and Shepherdess

Pencil and Shepherdess
Member reactions:
Congrats Katie on Bouguereau pencil shepherdess

Funny Pencil Bow

Pencil Bow
Full view is bigger and crisper.

Funny Grenade Pencil Holder

Grenade Pencil Holder

Funny Battery Operated Pencil

Battery Operated Pencil

Funny Jumbo Balloon Pencils

Jumbo Balloon Pencils

Funny Pencils with a Zipper

Pencils with a Zipper
Member reactions:
Very good 'Outside-the-Box' thinking, also Love the wooden slider.

Funny Je Suis Charlie Pencil

Je Suis Charlie Pencil
Extremism can't admit Freedom, Sweet Freedom. We are Not Afraid
Member reactions:
Remember that a pen can kill like a bullet.
Thanks all... this work is simple, the message is important.

Funny Ana Pencil Sketch

Ana Pencil Sketch
This is a B&W pencil sketch I done about 17 years ago the graphite has faded. I scanned it and photoshopped it to bring back the contrast and darkness, then I went a step further and added some color to it. Her nam is Anna but she spells and pronounces it Ana' she use to live next door to me.

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