Jockey Flying on Pegasus
Jockey Flying on Pegasus
Jockey Flying on Pegasus. Seemed like the thing to do.
Member reactions:
Naw...magnificent would have been to make the horse white like I originally planned by lacked the time to complete, but thanks.
Someone just gave me a vote of 2. That was much higher than I deserve, so thank you.
Great.... like your idea to put the wings and the color of horse matches to it good job
Amazing it looks like Perseus on the Go for a ride

Funny Woman in an Egg in the Sky with Pegasus

Woman in an Egg in the Sky with Pegasus

Funny Pegasus the Winged Horse

Pegasus the Winged Horse

Funny Pegasus by a Lake

Pegasus by a Lake
Member reactions:
Congrats on the woody nerb, this image was absolutely beautiful had a very nice and warm feeling to it...
I sign under the above - truly beautiful and artistic work here
I was feeling warm & fuzzy when I did this one. .
you made me gussing nerb ... congrats on woody , you just keep highing
nerbbbbbb))))).. nice work love it .. congrats

Funny Pegasus the Horse with Wings in Space

Pegasus the Horse with Wings in Space
Member reactions:
... This is really beautiful... Top 3 for sure...
Cool image. Did you know that the globe is upside down. Was that on purpose.
yes...I knew...I flipped the world is nowadays...
Hiyo silver away. So which way is up in outerspace. Better get Tonto. Might want to shade the right wing to match horse's shadows. Light source is coming from the the left.

Funny Pegasus in the Cluds

Pegasus in the Cluds
Member reactions:
Lovely... White horse with wings... of liberty good one

Funny Pegasus Flying Horse

Pegasus Flying Horse

Funny Pegasus & Einstein: Art of Mathematics

Pegasus & Einstein: Art of Mathematics
Two beautiful ways of viewing our Universe.
Member reactions:
Interesting chop, but does it use the source image as required by this contest.
Used the little boy's hat...and the flying horse concept...wanted to deal with concepts which didn't use the 'park' image.
Thanks for the edit. The chop looks good and is following the contest directions now.

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