Horse Dog Peeing on Fire Hydrant
Horse Dog Peeing on Fire Hydrant
Horse Dog Peeing on Fire Hydrant.

Funny Pee Wee To Return To The Big Screen

Pee Wee To Return To The Big Screen
Pee Wee Herman will soon have a new film
Member reactions:
The way you transformed his figure really reflects the Pee Wee character. Rated PG (pretty goofy).
Cool work, very well done with objects hierarchy and shadowing
Congrats Paul. So is there a theater in the back where he supplies that special candy filling. Hahahahahaah
Thanks, Newsy, Tim, Funky, Bob and G-Man.
Congrats, Paul. All 3 pictures places 4-6 are awesome.

Funny Moose Pee Lager

Moose Pee Lager
How aboot a nice Canadian beer, eh.

Funny Peeing Competition at Winter Olympics

Peeing Competition at Winter Olympics
Ireland out in front
Member reactions:
Great thinking, I suggest lot of beer just before
They are contestant numbers, not the scores Thanks for the comments
So Ireland has much stuff to withdraw Crazy sporting idea and well compiled
Had to share it with some friends - and they got a good laugh from it. One told me he surely would wanna join this competition.
Good, it succeeded then. I thought about doing bobble heads but thought going for "Is that real." was a far better use of the idea. Tons of characterized bobble heads in the contest already.
Funny chop hitspinner- have to admit...took me a sec... cracks me up
The funnest competition. Great job as always.
Thanks JS, Pat, Wanderer, AZW --> hehe yeah it was made to make you think

Funny Man Peeing Outside Toilet

Man Peeing Outside Toilet
Government shutdown: What's closed, what's open.
Member reactions:
Good shadow work, but the dog needs one too.

Funny Pee Wee Herman and Bashar Assad

Pee Wee Herman and Bashar Assad
Pee Wee Herman + Bashar al-Assad = .
Member reactions:
Bronze congrats Franko. Never thought these two look similar but they do.

Funny Man Electrocuted Peeing on Train Line

Man Electrocuted Peeing on Train Line
Some old news - Model electrocuted after peeing on G train third rail
Member reactions:
Great Picture Alligator. No Rocket Scientist in the news here..
SplatShot and Newsie, Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Funny Cat Peeing in a Urinal

Cat Peeing in a Urinal
Member reactions:
Ohhhhh. That is so beautiful too.. But to be fair, he should be standing to use it.
Funny cat drawing on the wall... it represent the cat place to pee

Funny Bear Peeing Against a Wall

Bear Peeing Against a Wall the woods. Not Always... Just do it. Bigger Size Bear Stock Images
Member reactions:
Good filter used ... and nice message related to the chop Just do it
Thanks for your comments rajeshstar. The bear was road low resolution. So I tried to go with that. No special filters. Just your run of the mill Photoshop filter tools and layer modes.
Thank you my friend Ricky. Funny is good.
Thanks rajesh, Ricky, krrish, for all your great comments and votes. And Thanks Hitspinner. I'm happy the bear made you laugh.

Funny Dog Peeing Backwards

Dog Peeing Backwards
Member reactions:
Haa haa It can't stop me laughing very intelligent.. i m thinking is this can be possible ........
Silver congrats, this is my favorite dog too.
Silver congrats, DD. and extra kudos for photo-realism.
This was the winner for me.... I sometimes don't understand the voting here....this one is clearly the most imaginative of all the well executed chops. Congrats on the GOLD. (in my mind.)

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