Dorse Peeing on a Hydrant
Dorse Peeing on a Hydrant
Dorse Peeing on a Hydrant.

Funny Al Gore's Dog Peeing on the Statue of David

Al Gore's Dog Peeing on the Statue of David
Member reactions:
Do i need to cover David's Johnson, or is a statue without a celebrity face on it okay like this.
...very funny. I think your If the admins allow the Johnson Head holding the leash to stay. They should be okay with the statue of David.
No one is allowed to censor classic art anymore. The only A-holes doing that are ISIS. You are covered by all sorts of international statutes as is FN. Really appealing and clean chop.
Apparently Yes, Anton hahahahaaha. You can always make the argument for the B and C-holes if anyone complains about the A-holes
very funny to see the dog's act and the liquid effects
Silver congrats, jere. What, you forgot to make a caricature of the dog. HA. Love it.
haha, well, actually the dogs head is enlarged, but it doesn't really show. thanks guys.
Congratulations, Jere. It's amazing how you can pack so many quality/interesting images into 1 choppage.
I have a man in Pakistan who does all that.
Congrats, Jeremex. My Fav. in the contest.
Yea my fav too. Gets better every time I look at it. Congrats J.Mix, on another work of pefection for our viewing pleasure.
Love how you caricatured the masterpieces - hats off. Congrats on the silver, Jere.
thanks newsy.Thanks wanderer, champ, lucido, bob.
Congratulations, Jere...on a well deserved Gold.

Funny Pierce Brosnan Having a Pee in an Alley

Pierce Brosnan Having a Pee in an Alley
Danny, Danny, Danny with a big white fanny.
Member reactions:
Hehe Excellent caricature. DD you just keep getting better and better. I ran into Pierce once or twice when I lived in Malibu. We shopped at the same grocery. He was very chatty and personable,... real likable dude.

Funny Pee Wee Herman To Return To The Big Screen

Pee Wee Herman To Return To The Big Screen
Pee Wee Herman will soon have a new film
Member reactions:
The way you transformed his figure really reflects the Pee Wee character. Rated PG (pretty goofy).
Cool work, very well done with objects hierarchy and shadowing
Congrats Paul. So is there a theater in the back where he supplies that special candy filling. Hahahahahaah
Thanks, Newsy, Tim, Funky, Bob and G-Man.
Congrats, Paul. All 3 pictures places 4-6 are awesome.

Funny Moose Pee Lager

Moose Pee Lager
How aboot a nice Canadian beer, eh.

Funny Peeing Competition at Winter Olympics

Peeing Competition at Winter Olympics
Ireland out in front
Member reactions:
Great thinking, I suggest lot of beer just before
They are contestant numbers, not the scores Thanks for the comments
So Ireland has much stuff to withdraw Crazy sporting idea and well compiled
Had to share it with some friends - and they got a good laugh from it. One told me he surely would wanna join this competition.
Good, it succeeded then. I thought about doing bobble heads but thought going for "Is that real." was a far better use of the idea. Tons of characterized bobble heads in the contest already.
Funny chop hitspinner- have to admit...took me a sec... cracks me up
The funnest competition. Great job as always.
Thanks JS, Pat, Wanderer, AZW --> hehe yeah it was made to make you think

Funny Man Peeing Outside Toilet

Man Peeing Outside Toilet
Government shutdown: What's closed, what's open.
Member reactions:
Good shadow work, but the dog needs one too.

Funny Pee Wee Herman and Bashar Assad

Pee Wee Herman and Bashar Assad
Pee Wee Herman + Bashar al-Assad = .
Member reactions:
Bronze congrats Franko. Never thought these two look similar but they do.

Funny Man Electrocuted Peeing on Train Line

Man Electrocuted Peeing on Train Line
Some old news - Model electrocuted after peeing on G train third rail
Member reactions:
Great Picture Alligator. No Rocket Scientist in the news here..
SplatShot and Newsie, Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Funny Cat Peeing in a Urinal

Cat Peeing in a Urinal
Member reactions:
Ohhhhh. That is so beautiful too.. But to be fair, he should be standing to use it.
Funny cat drawing on the wall... it represent the cat place to pee

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