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Funny Peeing Pictures

Pee Wee AssadFunny Pee Wee Assad
Member reactions:
Pee Wee Herman + Bashar al-Assad = .
Bronze congrats Franko. Never thought these two look similar but they do.

Don't Pee on 3rd RailFunny Don't Pee on 3rd Rail
Member reactions:

Some old news - Model electrocuted after peeing on G train third rail
The railings were covered with Hot Pee
Great Picture Alligator. No Rocket Scientist in the news here..
SplatShot and Newsie, Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Pee Wee ObamaFunny Pee Wee Obama
Member reactions:

Obama flying high and looks happier very well done like our Pee Wee concept

Dog Peeing BackwardsFunny Dog Peeing Backwards
Member reactions:

Haa haa It can't stop me laughing very intelligent.. i m thinking is this can be possible ........
Silver congrats, this is my favorite dog too.
Silver congrats, DD. and extra kudos for photo-realism.
This was the winner for me.... I sometimes don't understand the voting here....this one is clearly the most imaginative of all the well executed chops. Congrats on the GOLD. (in my mind.)

Joe Biden in Planes, Trains and Pee BagsFunny Joe Biden in Planes, Trains and Pee Bags
Member reactions:

Biden thinks to himself ( I don't need a bag.) Dutch trains replace on-board toilets with 'plastic pee bags'
Certified useful by Gérard Depardieu.
Hilarious. I have to stay off these trains in the future.
rolling on the floor laughing..I like your work, it really funny
Thanks GeneralP. Thanks pcr. Thanks BlackXxX. Glad you got a laugh.
Every time I look at this, something new has been added...making it even funnier.
Boy, my next trip to Holland will likely stink.
hey paul i didnt know you carried around your own bag of pee.........great pic
Non-stop laughter at the House of Nuts; Good Luck HIDDEN. .
Congrats on the SILVER deaddog, great work.
Thanks everybody and thanks to the Dutch for such a great story and thanks to who ever shot the train source photo.
Bronze Congrats deaddoggg . . . Hilarious, and well done . . . All aboard The Comedy Central
cool work DD .. congrats on your bronze ..
robinbobin...that's only ONE of the bags I carry around. .

Pee Wee`s PlayhouseFunny Pee Wee`s Playhouse
Member reactions:

Please view in Hi-Res
wonderful caricature my friend 10+

Man Peeing BackwardsFunny Man Peeing Backwards
Member reactions:

Basically every object comes from a different source....
Thank you JoaoN, geriatric & balodiya.
Yup. Hahahaha....dug up a pic of him in the forums. Lol ^_^ Thanks for posting the link Kelly. Hehe I'm pretty sure Newsy got a good sense of humor....
Hahaha, that brings out some Dutch memories.
Brings back good times in Amsterdam for me too. Great job...Congrats.
Glad I've been able to bring back some memories of good ole times you guys spend in Amsterdam Newsy & Carl....
Thanks for the nice compliments pcrdds, Sean & PSMandrake.....^_^ And all of you for voting and commenting. Really appreciate it....
ArchNemesiS nice work congratulations...
ahahahahahahaha ......... good pi........... ultra-funny job congratulations for silver cup archnemesis... bye bye rickytrek1

Man Helping Another Pee at UrinalFunny Man Helping Another Pee at Urinal
Member reactions:

Got me laughing that my neighbors must have heard me.

Little Boy Peeing the Pi Symbol in SnowFunny Little Boy Peeing the Pi Symbol in Snow
Member reactions:

Did you know that in many languages Pi is pronounced like....see above. Hmmm....
Looks like Pi and Pee is not the same after all. lOL

Bad Dog Peeing in a Pot PlantFunny Bad Dog Peeing in a Pot Plant
Member reactions:

... Somebody must stop putting beer in the dog bowl.
We used the same dog.. Small internet.
deaddog i saw that after i started on the chop..,,i felt awful..
deaddog i saw that after i started on the chop..,,i felt awful..

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