Painted Peacock Digital Art
Painted Peacock Digital Art
Painted Peacock Digital Art. Member reactions:
Thank you all so much,and keep up the good work.

Funny Peacock Revolt

Peacock Revolt
Member reactions:
Very colorful peacocks.... white feathers and the queen of peacocks is really wonderful

Funny Peacock Sketch Book

Peacock Sketch Book

Funny Six Headed Peacock

Six Headed Peacock
Member reactions:
Peacock is the most beautiful bird... and you tried to make it... more beautiful... Well merged necks....

Funny Angelina Jolie the Peacock

Angelina Jolie the Peacock
I wanted to make something pretty.

Funny Peacock Fish with Blur Wings

Peacock Fish with Blur Wings
Member reactions:
Nice work melding bird's head with fish source.
Great merge of peacock to the colored fish its looks great in the colorful treat

Funny Twisted Peacock

Twisted Peacock

Funny Peacock Metronome Feathers

Peacock Metronome Feathers
Member reactions:
Silver congrats, Ivan. I have just discovered something - when you scroll up and down across this image it feels like the peacock is moving its tail. Try it and see for yourself
is true, interesting optical illusion. Thank NewsMaster

Funny Woman in Peacock Dress

Woman in Peacock Dress
Member reactions:
Thank you very much, try to see the edge of the peacock dress and the girl's hair, I painted it myself using photoshop.
A nice addition to the family scrapbook. Nice job.
nice work, lots of cool details in full view.
Thank you, chi, kratos, newsy, geriatric, and funkwood.

Funny Bird Dreaming of Being a Peacock

Bird Dreaming of Being a Peacock
Member reactions:
Excellent. I'd add some shadows for more realism

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