Syrian Peace Candle
Syrian Peace Candle
Syrian Peace Candle. Member reactions:
A Bomb not only explodes and create destruction but also able to shower light into your life
Clever, and well blended.. Congrats on the wood, GRM.
Wood for the G-man. Like I said before, nicely done

Funny Big Tony, Rest in Peace!

Big Tony, Rest in Peace!
Member reactions:
Looking Cute as a Big Tony look with a cigar and doves hovering around him RIP
Wonderful tribute. Silver congrats, nepaguy.

Funny Obama Doing the Peace Sign

Obama Doing the Peace Sign
At Least Nixon Didn't Get Anyone Killed. Spinning Benghazi
Member reactions:
"I am not a crook." Perhaps 0, but you are treading familiar ground. Thank you preemiememe, balodiya and ericnorthend. ericnorthend has it correct. The pilot is not unhappy with 0's turn of events. Neither am I. Impeach his arse would be fine by me.
Thank you NewsMaster. I like doing the political, incase you hadn't already noticed. ; )

Funny Obama Debates Peace or War with Korea

Obama Debates Peace or War with Korea
Pick one or the other....

Funny Bill Clinton, Peace Broker

Bill Clinton, Peace Broker
John McCain thinks Bill Clinton should broker peace in the Middle East
Member reactions:
McCain now wants bill to spread peace all over the Middle East love to see both of them in Caricature face
Neat and flawless job done Excellent Costume superb work
Paul rocks this contest - wood too. Excellent news topical chop here.

Funny Peace for the world

Peace for the world
Member reactions:
Very freaky buddies expression and cool tattoo "Symbol of peace" nice work with crazy chop and smoky stuff in party I like it
Partying for Peace... love the pigeon tattoo in this hands
see wanderer your is terrific.... congratulations....
Hysterical. Congrats on the bronze, Wanderer.

Funny Middle East Peace

Middle East Peace
Member reactions:
I found your picture when submitted mine. Yours is better.
OK-this works. Totally unbelievable but, that is the intent of this contest. Good Luck.
Ya got to love the expressions on their face ...
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad looks too cute as a child with freaky hair love this pic both looks so cool and lovable well done
I just noticed , hope i don't offend you but the skin besides Prime Minister Netanyahu ear wasn't masked that well. You can tell it was cut & paste on that part. Does'nt look that well blended in ..... Sorry Hidden ,but i DO like the story line of this piece ....
Sorry to tell you Chili but that skin IS part of his face and was NOT masked there.
. Gluten free matzo and Payot,to funny. Excellent Job.
My bad , it just looked funny in that spot . All is good Hidden ...
all the perfect elements to make up a gold trophy chop congrats..... pcrdds....
Congratulations.Well-deserved from the Man who keeps us laughing.
Shouldn't that be bats in the hat (ha). Congrats on the Gold.
Professional work worthy to be on a Time magazine cover. Congrats on the gold, Paul. Peace be with ya, bro.
Thanks, Mme BOULPIX. Thanks, Newsy. You be my agent for "Time" and you'll get your 5% commission. .

Funny War & Peace

War & Peace
Member reactions:
Excellent work of Fire ball behind love the way she is sitting and protecting the peace with that Saw The message of this pic "Violence is inevitable to prevail peace"
Thx rajeshstar , alot of painting went into this ...

Funny Peace Dream

Peace Dream
Some parts done with Photoshop 3D . Ringo Starr actually wrote a song called "Peace Dream" back in the day. It starts off like this , Last night I had a peace dream You know how real dreams can be The world was a better place For you and me can't you see. No need for war no more Better things we're fighting for No more hunger no more pain I hope I have that dream again.
Member reactions:
Lovely poem... hope to get the same dream to me ... tonight very well done like this chop
Totally love the inflatable yellow submarine here.


Member reactions:
I can see reflection of the moon Islamic symbol on the water. good detail and Great concept
All Religions together at one place... lovely composition and great thoughts

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