May the peace be with you
May the peace be with you
May the peace be with you. Member reactions:
Works for me

Funny R.I.P. - Rust In Peace

R.I.P.  - Rust In Peace
Member reactions:
Like your Acronym RIP.... well done in making the body to die in Rust... good work on the chop

Funny Nobel Peace Prize Underdog

Nobel Peace Prize Underdog
Malala Yousafzai Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize.
Member reactions:
She deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Nicely done, hidden.
Congratulations. Looks like a template for the real thing.
Ahh, me never heard of 16 year old Malala... we should nominate some FNers too. Quality work.

Funny Clint Notes: L.T.'s War and Peace

Clint Notes: L.T.'s War and Peace
"Napoleon invades Russia and the Ruskies aren't happy about it. It works out when the prince finds true love after his pregnant wife OD's. The end." -Clint Eastwood Note: Includes a long, rambling Appenix, hence the size of the volume.
Member reactions:
Crack me up why don't you. Too Funny and well done.

Funny Mid-East Peace Talks

Mid-East Peace Talks
Mid-East Peace Talks To Resume In Washington
Member reactions:
Awesome chop. Professional touch to the entry.
Clever political satire. Congrats on the silver, GRM.
Enjoy the win, fine chop. Silver cuppage.


Not all aliens are bad.
Member reactions:
Alien Invasion to our planet earth their intention is to bring peace by killing all the Mean Leaders The facial expression and the blast of head is done well good one

Funny Syrian Peace Grenade Candle

Syrian Peace Grenade Candle
Member reactions:
A Bomb not only explodes and create destruction but also able to shower light into your life
Clever, and well blended.. Congrats on the wood, GRM.
Wood for the G-man. Like I said before, nicely done

Funny Obama Doing the Peace Sign

Obama Doing the Peace Sign
At Least Nixon Didn't Get Anyone Killed. Spinning Benghazi
Member reactions:
"I am not a crook." Perhaps 0, but you are treading familiar ground. Thank you preemiememe, balodiya and ericnorthend. ericnorthend has it correct. The pilot is not unhappy with 0's turn of events. Neither am I. Impeach his arse would be fine by me.
Thank you NewsMaster. I like doing the political, incase you hadn't already noticed. ; )

Funny Obama Debates Peace or War with Korea

Obama Debates Peace or War with Korea
Pick one or the other....

Funny Bill Clinton, Peace Broker

Bill Clinton, Peace Broker
John McCain thinks Bill Clinton should broker peace in the Middle East
Member reactions:
McCain now wants bill to spread peace all over the Middle East love to see both of them in Caricature face
Neat and flawless job done Excellent Costume superb work
Paul rocks this contest - wood too. Excellent news topical chop here.

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