The Tiger Pays
The Tiger Pays
The Tiger Pays.

Funny Pay Attention

Pay Attention

Funny Even John Koskinen pays

Even John Koskinen pays
Head of the IRS SOURCE:
Member reactions:
Good one...but did he pay taxes also with his shadow .
Check the original source, shadows are virtually non existent except where the tires touch the ground, so in answer to your question... no.

Funny Man Having a Pay Day

Man Having a Pay Day
I use to drive a concrete truck with Bill and played with one of his FB photos of him cleaning his chute.

Funny Jay Leno Takes a Pay Cut

Jay Leno Takes a Pay Cut
Jay Leno's Pay Cut
Member reactions:
Very good news entry... Nice gentle move by Jay Leno good one

Funny Extra Hours for the Same Pay

Extra Hours for the Same Pay
Member reactions:
This is true whatever you do they will pay you the same so enjoy your life in extra hours
Very well said... extra hours you will get the same wage nice composition of the image and the gesture showing down is matching the title...
What can I say. another wonderful chop. Always on top of the game.
Congratulations Sunshine Girl. So, when will the E-book on Photoshoppery be released.
love the perspective, nice job Sun, Congrats..
Many thanks for comments and congrats Rajeshstar, Awesome69, Hohouse, Pcr, Boulpix is not new only I don't use Topaz Geri don't know, yet I don't have inspiration for writing a book. AzureSky, Salis again thank you so much.

Funny You Get Monkeys If You Pay Peanuts

You Get Monkeys If You Pay Peanuts
Member reactions:
true...sorry... can't find a way to erease it... administrator, you may push the button no hard feelings.
I was hoping you would have placed it in the space below your already existing type. Your entry is very good and very well done.
How does Peanuts were compared to Monkeys..

Funny Barack Obama Paying For Girls

Barack Obama Paying For Girls
Member reactions:
Looks like Obama kept his word about creating new jobs
Thanks, Disasterman. Thanks, toadly. Thanks, JoaoN.
Thanks, preemiememe. Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, rajeshstar.
geriatric...I'm already there.

Funny Obama Paying Tribute to Leslie Nielsen

Obama Paying Tribute to Leslie Nielsen
Hopefully one last laugh from one of the greatest comedians of his time...

Funny US Pays Iranian Scientist 5 Million

US Pays Iranian Scientist 5 Million
US pays Iranian scientist five million for information regarding its nuclear program... Report: CIA Paid Iran Nuke Scientist $5 Million
Member reactions:
That is awesome on so many levels. Well done.
Ahmadinejad's Mood Ring is glowing like mad
ReelMeert must be thinking of Root Boy Slim & the ... -Change Band's tune entitled:"You make my mood ring sweat." Feel the heat. High marks.
Congrats Steve, hilarious and well done Especially like work you did Ahmadinejad and the duct taped missile.
Man, the whole chops is clever, but the duct-taped rocket is just freaking brilliant here. Love it.
StephenJClifford congratulation... nice work ...
Congrats on the silver Steve, great chop.
This is so funny... Love both expressions... Great work and congrats

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