Funny Pavarotti Wagner's Star Wars

Pavarotti Wagner's Star Wars
Opening/Closing night

Funny Luciano Pavarotti with Big Mouth

Luciano Pavarotti with Big Mouth
Member reactions:
Shows a true spirit of play. Very well done
Great work eltrut congrats on the bronze and keep going , welcome back
Bronze congratulations, Mr. Turtle. What a comeback chop.
Thanks everyone...y'all are just too kind.

Funny Luciano Pavarotti

Luciano Pavarotti
Member reactions:
Even the other way round he was able to chew three live chickens.

Funny Luciano Pavarotti Tribute

Luciano Pavarotti Tribute
"I think a life in music is a life beautifully spent and this what I have devoted my life to." ~Luciano Pavarotti
Member reactions:
a more transparent on his face and more soften on clouds would do more dramatic. i think. but still nice color.

Funny Immortal Luciano Pavarotti

Immortal Luciano Pavarotti

Funny Pavarotti the Angel by the Sea

Pavarotti the Angel by the Sea
Let not death still your beautiful voice...sing for the angels, dear Luciano. You will be missed here on Earth. Rest in Peace. Full view is a little bigger
Member reactions:
too much texture on this one. maybe a lessen would look better.but still well job. looks like his on heaven waiting for his God. (just my own beleife).
Artistic work. Congratulations, Janna.

Funny Luciano Pavarotti Magazine

Luciano Pavarotti Magazine
hope you like it.

Funny Pavarotti the Elvis Impersonator

Pavarotti the Elvis Impersonator
Luciano has left the building.
Member reactions:
not bad for the king of tenor merge with the king of rock and roll.

Funny Pavarotti in the Mona Lisa Painting

Pavarotti in the Mona Lisa Painting
The meeting between two italian icon.
Member reactions:
Pavarotti's face part is a bit green compared to Mona's face, but still hilarious. Love the microphone.
thanks a lot... i fight a lot with image correction but i lose.

Funny Tribute to Luciano Pavarotti

Tribute to Luciano Pavarotti
The biggest tenor superstar and opera singer of the 20th century, Luciano Pavarotti, died Thursday morning in his residence at Modena, Italy. Pavarotti lost a long battle with pancreatic cancer. His passion for opera, charismatic persona, and powerful voice touched the hearts of many people. Pavarotti lived his life doing what he loved the most and was often called the greatest tenor since Caruso. In this contest let us pay tribute to Luciano Pavarotti any way you wish. Your entries have to either include Pavarotti in them or make a reference to him. Examples may be including him in paintings, showing him in heaven, etc. Luciano has to be "in good light" in the entries - it is a tribute contest and we are not looking for "bad humor" here.

Funny Luciano Pavarotti

Luciano Pavarotti
Show what Pavarotti will do after he quit singing - will he change professions or retire and find some funky hobby? Use your imagination.

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