Skater Luciano Pavarotti
Skater Luciano Pavarotti
Skater Luciano Pavarotti. Bedroom poster of the great Pavarotti.

Funny Samurai Luciano Pavarotti

Samurai Luciano Pavarotti
Lol. I just don't know what to say.
Member reactions:
Please no harakiri. With his belly it won't look good

Funny American Idol with Luciano Pavarotti

American Idol with Luciano Pavarotti
Nobody carries their notes long or loud enough these days.

Funny Superman Pavarotti

Superman Pavarotti
Mild mannered Luciano Pavarotti takes on a new day job.

Funny Pavarotti as Fred Rogers

Pavarotti as Fred Rogers
Now Mr Pavarotti can obtain his life-long dream of making children happy. (for the non-Americans, this is based on Mr Roger's Neighborhood a children's program on American public television that was very popular for many years until the death of Fred Rogers.) noise added as suggested. It it enough. Always love any and all critiques.
Member reactions:
A touch of noise will help the face blend right in
He's from Pittsburgh. Gotta love this one.
Can't wait to here him sing, "A beautiful day in the neighborhood".

Funny Lion Tamer Luciano Pavarotti

Lion Tamer Luciano Pavarotti
born to entertain

Funny Cheerleader Luciano Pavarotti

Cheerleader Luciano Pavarotti
The Three Cheerleaders
Member reactions:
. Those cheerleaders sure are "FUGLY". Exellent work.
Well, you can't say he did not try to look slimer

Funny Italian Chef Luciano Pavarotti

Italian Chef Luciano Pavarotti
Member reactions:
And today we'll teach you how to cook singing pasta and laughing ravioli
And we'll use a lil' bit of wine, and wait, some more wine, oh. and some wine, let's drop in some wine...

Funny Luciano Pavarotti at McDonald's

Luciano Pavarotti at McDonald's
Please view full.
Member reactions:
Pavarotti: "Yes, maam, I am that fat dude who used to sing. Now can you stop staring and take your order, please."
I think I was at that McDonalds the other day. That's hilarious.
This is pretty funny. I think why it works so well is that Pavarotti's face fits the scene so perfectly. He's got that cheesy look of a trainee. "Welcome to McDonalds may I take your order." . Can't you just see that manager to his right getting all ... ed when he pushes the wrong buttons.. .

Funny Paleontologist Luciano Pavarotti

Paleontologist Luciano Pavarotti
The Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology honors Luciano Pavarotti
Member reactions:
great job on perspective. Really fits image.

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