Paula, Be Home Early
Paula, Be Home Early
Paula, Be Home Early.

Funny Paula Deen on a Campbell's Soup Can

Paula Deen on a Campbell's Soup Can
Paula gets canned
Member reactions:
Funny Soup... I thing We should try this soup.
Congrats on the wood, Franko. Quality work, but why the unneeded white space on the sides. Great to see you with us again.

Funny Paula Dean Digital Art

Paula Dean Digital Art
Member reactions:
Nice effects and good caricature done on that lady inside the globe all the beams were focused on her
I was wondering if this might be yours, Robin. Pretty awesome choppage
Paula here, as well as in life, is ... shocking, hahaha. Great chop, robin.

Funny Paula Dean Racist

Paula Dean Racist
News Agent refuses to work with her because of admitted racial remarks
Member reactions:
Great pic but your news story is out of date (via link), though I can't imagine it would be hard to find another for this image
Updated. Her story is so malleable and dynamic that the chop still fits perfectly.
Obama as a super cop with super hair style looks amazing
Superb Very well executed Nice hair style and nice placing of the sandal in the mouth
Congrads on the Silver cup. broke the streak, damn.
Thank you for the votes folks. There you go HH, The gold chain has been broken , It's not exactly retiring but eases the angst. Ha.
This is soooo darn cute, great job and congrats on the win.
Congratulations, Hitspinner. I will add it to my favorites. THX.
Belated congratulations, Hitspinner. I was out for two days.
Thanks Gugu, Bob, Geri, Wanderer, Hobbit, Hook, Kellie, Ivan, HH, Doc, Balodiya, Rajesh and I'm missing somebody... ahhh eric. northend. Where'd he go. He's always around

Funny Alec Baldwin as Paula Deen

Alec Baldwin as Paula Deen
Paula Deen needs to change her name to Alec Baladeen, in order to get away with slurs. Anderson Cooper: 'Why Does Alec Baldwin Get a Pass Using Gay Slurs.' Conservative 'Would Be Vilified'
Member reactions:
At least have Alec support her but, she has been "made an example of..." it appears.

Funny Neckless Paula Abdul

Neckless Paula Abdul

Funny Paula Broadwell and David Petraeus in Bed

Paula Broadwell and David Petraeus in Bed
Yet more security concerns emerge about Paula Broadwell’s access to Petraeus
Member reactions:
Public persons cannot have secret affairs after all they were the public property and should have a public affair instead very funny good news link..

Funny The Real X Factor with Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell

The Real X Factor with Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell
Member reactions:
Superb Opening of the contest Excellent Composition
Yes the real X factor can be seen here too many hands to dress that hair its a faboulus job and lot of hard work done here wonderful job done
Thanks,,I did loose my marbles with the layers..
Awesome Hand-E-Craft and Hand-Some ha ha ha very well done with this freaky chop good luck

Funny Paula Abdul in the Jungle

Paula Abdul in the Jungle
"I'm a celebrity, get me out of here."
Member reactions:
Top ten, you see it's easier in the summer, top chopper take more time off,

Funny Paula Abdul Painting by Botero

Paula Abdul Painting by Botero
Member reactions:
Talented caricature, wicked looking fox stole.
Looks like an old classic painting, very well done swan nest on her top of the head and a squirrel very well done on this chop

Funny Paula Abdul's Next Job

Paula Abdul's Next Job
Paula Abdul announced that she will not be returning to American Idol. There's no official reason why Paula 's leaving the show which she's been part of from day one, but Abdul's manager David Sonenberg said the amount of money Abdul was offered to continue in the ninth season was "kind of unconscionable and certainly rude and disrespectful". Sonenberg added that such low offer was especially upsetting in the light of $45 million deal inked by Ryan Seacrest, and even higher amount negotiated by Simon Cowell. The question is - without Abdul, how are any of the contestants going to know where their magic is? Now that Abdul and American Idol parted their ways, photoshop what Paula Abdul may do next. What might she surprise us next with her professions, hobbies, or personal life?

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