Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan. SOURCE:
Member reactions:
Love the idea, wish it was more realistic rather than a caricature. Either way, nice job.
Thanks FM, I just couldn't stop myself. Lol
Love it too, great caricature, great texture blending = Great Job..
Your Executions is Superb, DD. Freaking Funny rocks.
Thanks guys, the comments help ease the low score, feel all better now. Lol
Master work. That is all I have to say. It had gold all over it

Funny Peter Paul Rubens

Peter Paul Rubens
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TY, Hobbit.

Funny Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan
Member reactions:
High marks. Woody congrats. I'm so happy to see you back. Glad your ordeal is over too ... XOOOOO
Im trying This is good therapy... Ty guys..
Very nice chop, congrats on the win.

Funny Donald Trump as Gollum Holding Rand Paul's Head

Donald Trump as Gollum Holding Rand Paul's Head
News Story Sen. Rand Paul, who recently described Trump as a Gollum, suspends presidential campaign.
Member reactions:
Jaw drops. 7th. Funny stuff.... Next time, Champ. You are owed one.
Thanks Rajesh and NewsMaster, and thank you Hits, for the kind words. Appreciated
I have to agree with Hit-man. Great Work Uncle-C.

Funny Paul Ryan Criticizes Obama

Paul Ryan Criticizes Obama
Paul Ryan criticizes Obama i started out with Ryan giving it to Obama, but then i felt it was a bit juvenile and made it into something more surreal. hopefully it hasn't strayed too much away from the subject.
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Lol...I'm all about juvenile, but this is brilliant.
What happened to my comment. Hmmm okay, here tis again. Excellent work, worthy of praise. Well planned and executed. Congrats on the gold. This one surprised me, thought I had ye. I led the pack until the last judge voted. You have fans in powerful places hahahahhaha
Crazy Funkamix. What's that man doing mommy. Lol
thanks guys. Yeah, we freemasons always stick up for each other.
It may have started as something normal but ended up as something totally freaking and beautiful. Congrats on the gold, Jere.

Funny Paul McCartney as Elvis

Paul McCartney as Elvis

Funny Paul Ross by Magritte

Paul Ross by Magritte
R.I.P. Paul. Paul Ross passed away
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Reminds me of The Thing, intense.. Excellent work
Excellent work. R.I.P my friend
Great twisted tribute to our friend Paul, who has left us so unexpectedly...
Excellent Surrealism, Reminds me of Dali. Wonderful tribute to Paul Ross
Knew this was yours. Excellent work but a little terrifying hahahahahaha Bronzies....
Amazing, You Magic. I like it. and Congrats on the Bronze

Funny Paul Ross the Master Artist with Dozer and Amos

Paul Ross the Master Artist with Dozer and Amos
Dr Paul Ross, now among the Masters, like Rembrandt. With his beloved Great dane x GSD, Dozer and Amos, his favourite parrot. What a happy reuniion. No need for Dentists in Heaven. Dear Paul you are much missed here on Earth.
Member reactions:
This shows his two beloved pets, Paul would have loved it

Funny Paul Ross the Photoshopping Dentist

Paul Ross the Photoshopping Dentist

Funny Seal Painting Paul Ross with Whiskers

Seal Painting Paul Ross with Whiskers
I re-porpoised (or is that a walrus) one of Doc's chops, I'm sure he would approve.

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