Boarder Patrol
Boarder Patrol
Boarder Patrol. Member reactions:
Love the Canadian Flag background. Sparkle in the eye and an overall smooth feel. Nice touch, Icy.

Funny RC Fish to Patrol Coastline at Night

RC Fish to Patrol Coastline at Night
Radio Controlled Bright Light Fish to Patrol the Coastal Waters at Night. Cost effective, better than any wall.

Funny Squirrel Patrol

Squirrel Patrol

Funny Columbus Arrested by the Border Patrol

Columbus Arrested by the Border Patrol
.No. Dos Espana Gringo.
Member reactions:
Quality work, but not sure about the face choice - it's definitely too far from the image people have in mind. Columbus had blond hair (which turned all white by the time he turned 30) - he was never depicted with a beard either. Linky. The source you used is associated with a famous human sculpture by Ron Mueck, and looks more like Saddam Hussein than Columbus.
Would the real Chris Columbus please raise your hand Honestly, I wasn't going for any kind of accuracy, just the humor. It doesn't matter to me what he looked like. I don't think anyone really knows. He doesn't look like Gerard Depardieu either but they still cast Gerard in a movie. There are tons of depictions, all different and this is my goofy version. It is just a chop, not an historical document hehe
Newsy considerations apart, looks an awesome chop indeed
Point taken, I did not know there are so many depictions of Columbus. Most people including myself are probably familiar with 2-3 sources of Columbus portraits, where he's shown without a beard. I have also read that he was a blond fella that turned completely white by 30. Gerard looked blond so that was enough of the similarity
We had a few different history books when I was a kid learning American history and none of them really agreed. Not even where he landed or who Actually found the mainland continent. Accounts claimed Americus Vespuci was the actual guy. So I sort of left it at that though now we know it was far earlier Polynesian or Nordic explorers that get the finder's fee. I did read somewhere that Columbus was originally from the north of Italy around Genoa. Not surprising to hear he might have been fair haired as there was a lot of Swiss mix in the Northern Italians. Fair hair is very common. Too bad they didn't have cameras . Thanks for the comments peeps
Thanks Newsey, Doc, Wanderer and Bob. Where is everybody else lately.
And as a side note, America's immigration policies have gotten absolutely no better. GGGGG-Grandpa would have been way better off to make them the turky than to offer them one.

Funny Turtle Soldiers on Patrol

Turtle Soldiers on Patrol
Member reactions:
very well dressed as an army cop like the way the grenades and bullets were tided to their belly its a freaking brilliant
Splendid coloring, and a wonderful atmosphere you have created here. *}{*
Yes , Full view is Da'best , Congrats on the Woody Bernie , great chopp'in skills my man ...
Thanks,SplatShot,Paul,Chili and Nathalie.
good job congrads on cup should have been higher.

Funny Rat Patrol - New Elite Landmine Unit

Rat Patrol - New Elite Landmine Unit
We are proud to introduce the newly formed elite army division code name "Rat Patrol"...their job is to what no one else wants to do, find landmines without getting blown to bits. We are sure that they will do a bang up job.
Member reactions:
He is using the force...or he has one of those straps that wrap around the back of his hand to free up his fingers. That is my story and I am sticking to it.
Good concept of Rat Patrol used here, the rat is looking great holding a grenade, and see the facial expression seems to be very happy of a job done successfully Nice Vehicle used behind its perfectly matches the image
This is very well done. If you lightened up the bottom third and placed corresponding shadows from the truck and rat, it would look even better.

Funny Obama on Mine Patrol Riding a Dolphin

Obama on Mine Patrol Riding a Dolphin
Member reactions:
I knew it, only Obama can do this stunt very well done nice merge
Thank you, thought it was funny .
Fantastic chop in my book. I like how you added political satire to the contest theme.

Funny Bill Clinton on Bikini Patrol at the Beach

Bill Clinton on Bikini Patrol at the Beach
Bill's Bikini Patrol: Keeping America safe from over exposure.
Member reactions:
nice even found a pic where the girl had a little more bounce to the ounce for Monica. I like it.
One of my faves. Hillary's facial expression is just right for this situation.

Funny Groundhogs Patrolling the Golf Course

Groundhogs Patrolling the Golf Course
Member reactions:
Great, clean job. Love the perspective on this.
Great photoshop. very well managed with the granade and Groundhog, Nice Tank as well. Love it.
Thx everyone who has commented ...
Great work with miniature, nice cute dog watching the ball ..
Thx alot Rajeshstar & Big "D" ....
very nice entry looks good Nice and clean
Thx everyone

Funny Batman Bike Patrol in Germany

Batman Bike Patrol in Germany
Member reactions:
perfect sources, love how the driver looks at batman
Thanks for the comments Mirolocus. The soldiers are wearing bulky helmets and batman is leaning forwards...Also batmans shoulders are proportionate . But thanks again Thanks rarely.
Nice job . . . the size looks ok to me, the lighting and shadows match well . . . it just needs more of the grainy look the original photo has . . .
Thanks Rajeshstar and Boulpix. Now a bit more grainier, seems to work better, Thx to Mirolocos and qtrmoonshop for the tip.

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