Patriots Deflating Footballs
Patriots Deflating Footballs
Patriots Deflating Footballs. NFL Probes Patriots In "Deflate-gate"
Member reactions:
Why on earth would they want to. I don't believe a player did it.

Funny Tea Pot Patriots Party

Tea Pot Patriots Party
Member reactions:
Nobody can catch the tea-pot.It's like running tea-pot party on wheel.Nice work

Funny Barack Obama the Patriot Bust

Barack Obama the Patriot Bust
I hope you like it.
Member reactions:
Excellent curves and the cuttings good merge of flags and the Obama's image great job
very well done with lights and flags merge with Obama I like it very much
Congrats on winning the Gold........awesome job.
congrats on the gold ^^ nice work well done
Great work, literally "twisted". Congrats on the gold, Taita. Nice to see you again
Thanks NewsMaster, good to back in this way. I hope to participate more often. Thank you all for the votes and comments.
Awesome and perfect. Is great to see you here Taita, gold congrats.

Funny Joe Biden The Patriot

Joe Biden The Patriot
Credit to Disney Pixor for the cool old man from the movie UP
Member reactions:
Kewl I have to agree with jt great caricature
hahah awesome work , just one thing I guess that I can help ,it's would be more amazing if you put some grass in front of the legs
Super caricature work. Happy Happy Flag Day from the prez and vice prez.
Congrats Rwpike. awesome caricature work.
Pikeman strikes again. Congrats on the wood.

Funny Tea Party Patriots on Time Magazine

Tea Party Patriots on Time Magazine
Member reactions:
One step ahead of Time. TIME Chooses Tea Party as Runner Up in 2010

Funny English Patriot

English Patriot
Member reactions:
Don't tear apart the British flag. (pun intended)

Funny Patriot Act Painting

Patriot Act Painting

Funny American Patriot Zebra

American Patriot Zebra
Just in time for the Fourth of July.
Member reactions:
Who says a zebra can't change her stripes.
Source + idea + excecution = Beautiful Chop. Good show.
Agree with all of the above. Stunning image. Happy Independance Day to All. *Softly Humming The Star Spangled Banner* Ok done humming.......... Winston.

Funny American Patriot Car

American Patriot Car
Please full view here When the car running on the road... do u ready to close ur eyes. .. if possible please tell me.... Lot of work please Critique my Entry...

Funny Patriot Baby with an American Flag Painted on his Face

Patriot Baby with an American Flag Painted on his Face
A true patriot is born. A tear forms at his first visions... (full view is double size)
Member reactions:
Pretty pic. But you could do some work on the unsharp parts. The transition from sharp to unsharp on the nose is very rapid. And the red lines don't become unsharp at all. You can copy the Flag layer. Blur it to match to most unsharp part of the face. Then add a Layer Mask and use the Gradient Tool (with the colors set to White & Black. Make sure you have white as forground color and that the Gradient goes from white to black) and click (with the Mask selected in the Layers Palette) and drag from the unsharp part of the picture to the sharp part. I hope that I make any sense
how do I get a higher resolution than 1000x750

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