Patriotic Decor
Patriotic Decor
Patriotic Decor. The source image was an all white room.
Member reactions:
Net, clair et précis mise en valeur des couleurs du drapeau sur du mobilier tubulaire style vintage (192dans des murs blancs exhausteur de couleurs comme le sel est exhausteur de goût très bien exécuté Clear, clear and precise highlighting of flag colors on tubular furniture vintage style (192in white walls color enhancer as salt is flavor enhancer very well executed
Congrads on the Woody. very good and out of the box thinking.
Congrats on the Woody, LunaC. I see lots of hard work here. Happy to see it payoff for ya.
I agree with Claude, clear clear and precise. An awesome idea professionally done patriot furniture. Woody Congrats, LunaC.
This is about the most perfect industrial chop I have ever seen. If you didn't know, you never would. This one came out killer. You actually made it look too simple. I mean that is the point of this sort of chop, granted that, but it mimics reality so well I can't say that didn't lessen the score at least a bit. I always love your attention to detail and professionalism. Congrats.
Thanks to all. Hits--your comments are right on. I knew that it wouldn't get the highest votes because it looks almost too real-like nothing was done to the photo. It was a lot of work-mapping and contouring the stars and stripes--but I'm pleased with the way it turned out

Funny Patriotic Fish

Patriotic Fish
Member reactions:
Subtle blending on the flag. Well done Hobbit
Subtle blending on the flag. Well done Hobbit
Subtle blending on the flag. Well done Hobbit
Subtle blending on the flag. Well done Hobbit
So good and so close. This is excellent work.... Worthy to stand on it's own with these other great chops Top 5 in this mix is pretty daem good.
This is great hobbit, cool mesmerizing intrigue.

Funny American Patriotic Barbecue

American Patriotic Barbecue
only thing missing is the beer...

Funny Patriotic Courtney Cox

Patriotic Courtney Cox

Funny Patriotic Dragonfly

Patriotic Dragonfly
Member reactions:
I am agreeing with Jerry again - excellent.
i agree with jerry and doxie.._excellent.
American or not, that insect is getting smacked if it tries to bite me, . Cool concept. (could be implications in that statement if I think about it. Would make a great propaganda poster for afghanistan or somethin'. .) ps. don't take this too serious neighbors to the south, just using Letterman humor here.
this chop could now become a "News in Pics" chop... after Obama's fly-swat, this bug has found a cool way to protect itself.

Funny Patriotic Butterfly Against the American Flag

Patriotic Butterfly Against the American Flag
Member reactions:
Peg rules again. Congratulations, mate - this butterfly is made of bronze.
Congratulations peg. I'm glad that my favourite entry has won a trophy. Way to go

Funny Patriotic Jim Carrey

Patriotic Jim Carrey
Canadian Jim Carrey captured in a patriotic moment.
Member reactions:
Good call on the old-school hockey stick. Carrey has probably gotten deputized or whatever the RCMP calls it by now as he's worshipped like a god up here
Congrats LunaC Comedic law enforcement and circus hockey with only one image...hehe
Excellent combination of Canadian "icons". Love the hockey stick here. Congratulations on the silver, Luna, and nice to see you again in the top 3.
Congrats LunaC, Nice clean work and creative entry.

Funny US Debt is Patriotic

US Debt is Patriotic
Member reactions:
funnny. Good one. (I think most of us can relate)

Funny Patriotic Poster

Patriotic Poster
Member reactions:
Ouch, that's to the point. Me get wompum and trinkets for entire continent. DEAL.

Funny Patriotic American Bat

Patriotic American Bat
Member reactions:
The flag layer may use higher levels I think. Good concept.

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