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Funny Patrick Pictures

Super PatrickFunny Super Patrick
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Please, less teeth PatrickFunny Please, less teeth Patrick
Member reactions:

Patrick gets a little sexy. here are my sources:
ohohohoh is tooooo funny, gooood job

Danica Patrick STP PerfumeFunny Danica Patrick STP Perfume
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Neil Patrick Harris in the ArmyFunny Neil Patrick Harris in the Army
Member reactions:

"What is the Macho Military World coming to. .
, nice work. I haven't heard "beat your face" since basic training either.
Excellent mag cover work. The articles are a hoot. "The Outing of Newsmaster".
Woody congrats, Wiz. Great text content on the cover, too.

Sir Patrick Stewart KnightedFunny Sir Patrick Stewart Knighted
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Star Trek's Patrick Stewart to be knighted
Nice work & hats off to Patrick. He's my favorite captain on star trek. Now he's on the same list with Paul McCartney who was also knighted by her majesty, heheh.
Lol, nice work on the Starfleet Insignia.
Congrats jman. I'm sure Pat would be proud...
Bronze congrats J-man. Good to see you on the podium again.
Congrats on Bronze Jman. really excellent work.
that was cool work jmana , congrats on bronze and keep up nice works

Patrick Stewart for Mens Hair Regrowth ProductFunny Patrick Stewart for Mens Hair Regrowth Product
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Check out the runners up for hair style.. I liked them all so i thought i would link them. Hair #2 Hair #3
Bwahahahahaaaaa.....cracked me up He's so bootiful with his nice new head of hair
, I lov it. I lik the hairstyle in #2 best great work

Patrick Swayze TributeFunny Patrick Swayze Tribute
Member reactions:

sources news link
Where is the News Link. I would put this one in the other contest.
His resurrection will be the eternal playback of his movies and dance.
Glad to see your link and the pic is LOVELY.
Really stunning work and a great immagination
Felicidades por la plata Xaos. En buenahora.
Congrats Xaos Nice contrast and color fx.
I thought this was an AZ. congrats on silver.
Beautiful work... congrats on a well-deserved win.
To be compared to or mistaken for an AZrainman chop is quite an honor. Looooong way to go before i can be at his level... if ever. Thanks again everyone.
Xaos ... you are Just keep highing friend .... GREAT work and congrats on the silver
The use of lighting in photoshop is an art in and of itself. I see how the big guns at FN handle it - FW has his methods, Hit has his and AZ has his. Your lighting to me seemed to be most similar to AZ's. Thus, my comment.

Patrick Swayze With Two MouthsFunny Patrick Swayze With Two Mouths
Member reactions:

This is pretty cool. Personally, I would liked to have seen it with just one mouth (maybe the small one), but that's just me. High score anyway.
This is the type of chop you never want to see while dropping acid hahahahahahahahaha. Too cool..

Patrick Swayze as Dirty HarryFunny Patrick Swayze as Dirty Harry
Member reactions:

"Adios Amigo" Thanks for the memories. love ya.

Patrick Swayze FrankensteinFunny Patrick Swayze Frankenstein
Member reactions:

great chop, just in time for the season, kind of looks like Mark Wahlberg
Congrats on bronze. I really like the look of this one.
Felicidades por el bronce. Como siempre un buen trabajo.
Lots of work went into it. Looks professional. I just wish the face was not as narrow - lost some resemblance to Swayze
Congrats Kratos... this is excellent.. .
Kratos, you really threw me off, different style, excellent work my friend. Congrats.
Kratos, another great pic my friend. Katrina and I always enjoy your wonderful work. Congrats on the win.....
That's the spirit. Another pre Holloween teaser. Fine job too, Kratos. Newsie, hey when you run these pics through as much change as this one obviously went throughn its a miracle any semblance is left. I'd say a good 70% of the time I have to go back and add the original features as a semi-transparent marker layer just to maintain similarity. These super characterizing modifications are crazy hard to do and not for the timid chopper. . But widening like newsie suggested... yeah, I see that might have helped but as it stands, Bronze. Good nuf is good nuf
thanx all it's was funny try , glad all you like it
Congrats Kratos.I love such technique-more like this one.
dat som cool doodie great job. congrats thanks
Always unique-always a crowd-pleaser. Congratulations Kratos.
Source is phenomenal but, Kratos made it happen at FN and the voters liked it.

Patrick SwayzeFunny Patrick Swayze - Patrick Swayze, the actor and classically trained dancer whose role in the enduringly popular "Dirty Dancing" made him a movie star, one who struggled with the alienation of fame and against being typecast as a leading man, died Monday. He was 57. America loved Patrick from his breakout role in the inaugural Brat Pack movie, "The Outsiders," to the badassery of "Road House" to "Point Break," and to his latest roles. Swayze was always a fighter. He lost his last battle surrounded by his family and friends. R.I.P. Patrick, you will be missed. To pay a tribute to the legendary actor, Photoshop Patrick Swayze any way you wish. E.g. think of what movies he could have played in, what things he could have accomplished outside of Hollywood. He was a man of many talents and died too young.

St. Patrick's DayFunny St. Patrick's Day - Traditionally St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17th. This year, however, March 17 falls during Holy Week, so Ireland's bishops asked the Vatican for permission to move the saint's feast day to March 15 this year. Last time the official date was moved by the Catholic Church (because of conflicts with the beginning of the Roman Catholic Holy Week) was in 1940, and the next time it will happen only in 2160. However, despite the Catholic Church calendar, most countries still celebrate St. Patrick's Day on March 17 this year, and unofficially all weekend. Give St. Patrick's Day theme to anything you wish - products, buildings, movies, paintings, paint anything green, dress up celebrities and politicians for St. Patrick's Day, imagine what life would be like if every day in a year was St. Patrick's day. These are just some ideas.

St. Patrick's DayFunny St. Patrick's Day - This Saturday is St. Patrick's Day It's a traditional Irish holiday where everyone acts goofy and pretends to be green. Americans call it Al Gore Day. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything related to St. Patrick's Day. Examples may include adding the green holiday theme to celebrities and politicians as well as characters and objects from the paintings and movies.

St. Patrick's DayFunny St. Patrick's Day - Paint it green! Create images of recognizable scenes or objects (cityscapes, people, things, etc.). Making it specific to St. Patrick's Day is a plus! Erin Go Bragh!

St. Patrick's DayFunny St. Patrick's Day - Dress up politicians and celebrities for St. Patrick's Day. Showing how they will spend this holiday is a plus.

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