Used Car Salesman with Patched Up Car
Used Car Salesman with Patched Up Car
Used Car Salesman with Patched Up Car. Member reactions:
Don't mind the stuff leaking on the ground, when it runs out of oil it will stop, trust me.
Unctuous...slippery.... Nice work-DD looks like a Salesman.
Oh, boy, he'll sell you anything, really. He's got a way of talking you into it I love how this car has been even in a shootout... Low mileage... like new, .
Good move to make this rusty car to get some repair... Like the concept of putting bandages and bullet shot to it
Fantastic job done Best of luck. Seems all the spare parts are available.
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Icy. Thanks, Andrew. Thanks, hidreley.

Funny Mr Bean Patch

Mr Bean Patch
Attention. Please Step back 2 feet then view this Image, You will find what this all is about
Member reactions:
This is really interesting. It does look like you took a picture of needle work. Cool.

Funny Freaking News Patch

Freaking News Patch
My Mom sewed this for Freaking News, Just want to know how is this Freakers
Member reactions:
Good job on the sewing.
I have no idea how you would have achieved this - well done.
... you have me in stitches . . . Excellent. . . . I think I know how it was done, and that makes it all the more impressive . . .
I have a jacket that could use a patch like this Nice.
Thanks guys for all your comments and votes . Yeah, I will post a tut on my blog very soon.

Funny Hog Motorcycle Gang Snake Patch

Hog Motorcycle Gang Snake Patch
"These guys drive those highly venomous A-10 Warthogs."
Member reactions:
"Ever seen a Cobra with a set of human false teeth hemant1."

Funny Pumpkin Boy in Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Boy in Pumpkin Patch
Member reactions:
Quality work, love the full view. Very Halloween-ish.
Wooden pumpkin for Jman - congratulations.
congrats on the woody jmana that was amazing work keep up top works my friend
congrats on the woody jmana that was amazing work keep up top works my friend

Funny The Witch Michelle Obama in Her Pumpkin Patch

The Witch Michelle Obama in Her Pumpkin Patch
Member reactions:
Very moody piece. I love the cat to the left, nearly missed it. Congrats on wood spitfire46.

Funny Larry King Clothing Patch

Larry King Clothing Patch
Compression really killed this image Please View Original Size
Member reactions:
Great work on this - full view shows it nicely
I love this. Too many great entries to choose from. This really charms me. Such clean work.
With all the great entries in this contest I am surprised that this image got a placement... Thanks everyone for your votes and comments...
OK, so Larry got a woody on his 75th birthday. That's something to be proud of. Congratulations, Hamid.

Funny Mummy Clothing Patch

Mummy Clothing Patch
My first patch.(and probably my last after all those *##.*%# stitches with the line tool.)It probably would have been easier to sew a real patch and photograph it.
Member reactions:
Truly an excellent patch work. I also like how you turned the thimble into the bucket with blood I only wish the image was larger
Hmmmm... a lot of hard work. I'm certain I know who the author is..
Good work, I have had a go at these & can understand your *##.*%#
I was wrong about the author...but, still marvelous work and unbelievable for your first try ... Congrats ..
VERY very nice patch work, I've only done one of these using real stitch work, and this is top notch.
Many thanks all. I followed a great tutorial on Worth 1000,and at last used my bamboo pen tablet that my son bought me and I have been struggling to get to grips with.
well done, great work, I have been trying to do a patch for a few weeks but not good results yet.
Congrats on the silver dosysod. Great job for your first stitching job. May, did you think this was mine.

Funny Meat Loaf Clothing Patch

Meat Loaf Clothing Patch
The stitches on this patch are not made with a plug in. I drew each individual stitch using Photoshop's Line tool. You should check out full view on this one. (*wipes sweat off brow*)
Member reactions:
Detailed to the Extreme. I feel bad suggesting that you do any more work but a reference to a date on the patch would definitely make it more commemorative.
Lots of work went into this one - full view highly recommended. Hats off to you Deb.
Would look perfect on an 80's denim jacket.

Funny Spurs Championship Patch

Spurs Championship Patch
2007 NBA Champs Sources
Member reactions:
Very decent work on the patch texture, but the words "champions" and "2006 - 2007" may use this texture too.
Thanks for the advice Newsy, I gave the words the same texture but it was too subtle.. Thanks everyone for your votes and comments.

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