Cut and Paste in Photoshop
Cut and Paste in Photoshop
Cut and Paste in Photoshop.

Funny Your Tube Youtube Tooth Paste

Your Tube Youtube Tooth Paste opposed to MyTube I guess.

Funny From Vietnam To Afghanistan Cut and Paste

From Vietnam To Afghanistan Cut and Paste
Banksy tags an Oscar
Member reactions:
Lots of cut and paste things here, I like it
Fantastic chop, but the sharpness levels go to extreme here in my opinion.
Thats true...but I am lucky to have froze and all I could salvage was a screenshot...did not want to start over, so salvaged it the best I could.
you always keep my eyes busy digging in every corner of ur chops, wondering where the hidden message is .. weird stuff, but I enjoy it congrats on the win Carl
fantastic work carl .. great use of sources and congrats on the woody trophy ..
Congrats on the wood, Carl. I liked what you said about Van Gogh.
carl,,my favorite... really great work...
Congratulations. I really like it. You'll put a ton of details. It really gives me the impression of old collage before. J'aime beaucoup. Bravo.

Funny Cut and Pasting People

Cut and Pasting People

Funny Twisted Baby Pasted Together

Twisted Baby Pasted Together
thank god we still have some tape left.
Member reactions:
/me singing... "You must have been a beautiful baby, baby look at you now...."
This is one of the weirdest things I have ever seen.....I love it.
I am certain about one thing - this baby has a freaky personality.

Funny Alien Pasted into Photo

Alien Pasted into Photo
I have to stop drinking coffee while chopping
Member reactions:
The part ET was here with a cut & pasted alien photo made me giggle. I think the acid (or drink.) marks only add to the whole feeling of vintage photo.

Funny Cut and Paste Frenzy

Cut and Paste Frenzy
Member reactions:
This is very good photoshopping, think it may have pulled up better had the focus been on the mags u made

Funny Cut and Paste Wedding

Cut and Paste Wedding
Dear Granny, Sorry to hear you lost your new glasses but,i'm sure they'll show up soon. Here's a picture of my wedding day in Hawaii, ain't my new husband sweet eye candy. And look granny,there's that Lost guy Josh Holloway,he did make it to our wedding. Oh granny it was a lovely sunny day. See ya soon and i'll find your glasses.
Member reactions:
LoL Gr8 pic & the comment to go along too.

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