Forgot to take the passenger
Forgot to take the passenger
Forgot to take the passenger.

Funny Strange Motorcycle Rider with a Passenger in a Cage

Strange Motorcycle Rider with a Passenger in a Cage
Member reactions:
Naughty girls be careful You will be delivered to some distance place where spiders will love you

Funny Obama Mistakes Sarah Palin for Michelle as Motorbike Passenger

Obama Mistakes Sarah Palin for Michelle as Motorbike Passenger
Member reactions:
The angle on what's-her-name is a bit off a tiny bit, compared to the driver.
Lovely work... very well conceptualized it can be used in any freaking news cover page
Congrats on the wood, Wanderer. Great satire and skills here.
Thank you, Hitspinner. Thank you, Silvercanine.

Funny Forrest Gump Flying a Passenger Plane

Forrest Gump Flying a Passenger Plane
Mamma said that plane would take me anywhere. It was my magic plane.
Member reactions:
how do you mean Snooze. The contrast or the head, the head is all Gump.
the hair just doesnt look like its alined right
think the hair iz fine its the headphones that look pasted on his head. Maybe add shadows to gump's head.
thanks slixter I did a drunk me......better.
hair n headphones look good, i think the source image of Gump is one of those anoyingly lit ones... u may need do dim it a tiny bit and add some manuel shading on and around the side of his shiney head and face... just a personel opinion to get a match with the phones though, nice composition for the competition good job
PS ,i love the shrimping co sticker and google maps haha, and (*whispers* i see remmy .)
Thanks Sid, I tweaked it out a little. I think the source was too small. I did offset the headphones from his ear on purpose. He isn't the smartest guy you know. "Stupid is as stupid does" my Mamma always used to say. Looks like they are flying over New Jersey.
ya that looks superb, i actually meant the head tones matching the headphone tones.. i always thought the phones looked great offset like that, great entry and finalization
Full view needed for full effect. Do I see Remmy there. .
yeah I snuck Remmy in Newsy. It was a lot of work with the Gump source. Thanks everyone.

Funny Invisible Airline Passenger

Invisible Airline Passenger
Member reactions:
Congrats Allan Guess a body search won't be much a problem.

Funny Invisible Airline Passenger in an Airport

Invisible Airline Passenger in an Airport
the most dangerous method can use by airline is the human-cost-cutting.
Member reactions:
he doesnt even need a plane to fly. he just take the flying saucer or cup
source always help in an invisible entry, anyway great execution here
Awesome execution, creative idea. Well deserved win. Congrats.

Funny Budget Airlines Parachute Passenger Drop Zone

Budget Airlines Parachute Passenger Drop Zone
And only 34% were subject to injuries..
Member reactions:
they're probably cutting back on parachutes too
This is friggin' brilliant. Thanks for the laughs.

Funny Wasp Passenger Jet

Wasp Passenger Jet
With the concentration on the Environment, the gas guzzling airliners come out with new paint jobs to give the impression that they care... Full view is 2x as large.
Member reactions:
This is one mean airplane. I would think twice before flying in this one
i'm not scared, i'm just allergic to yellow jackets
Imagine the damage the stinger could do .

Funny Passengers Flying on an Invisible Airplane

Passengers Flying on an Invisible Airplane
Fly in our invisible plane. Just don't expect much sleep and bring your sunblock.
Member reactions:
Excellent idea. Invisible jet is much better than Wonder Woman's cartoon one. Great presentation. Somthing that may make it a bit more of a factor would be to include a hint from the jet interior to give it depth (like maybe the glass portion of the windows or somthing like that) This is the only critque i could offer as what you have here is top notch in idea and execution.
Excellent entry, that would take some getting used to
Enjoy the flight, and don't open the invisible windows
Great job. I already don't like flying & if airplanes were really invisible, I would never fly.
love love love the idea. and its a great job too.
She can do some wacky things with that golden lasso.
Would give the "Mile High Club" a whole new kind of membership.

Funny FedEx Passengers

FedEx Passengers
American Airlines has teamed up with Fed Ex to cut costs and improve customer service. -Saturday Delivery is limited to First class only. * VIEW FULL *
Member reactions:
I've thought about mailing myself....wonder if it would work.....Hmmmm
You'd freeze to death in the cargo section.
Super entry. Welcome back Rabbit, you were missed.
Somebody really has done something similar, and got caught when he was seen getting out of the crate he mailed himself to Texas in.He also wound up in jail for doing this.
Hilarious. Only one MINOR technicality.....The boy isn't in bubble wrap, he's in packing peanuts. Just a thought. Great job though.

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